IDS gets slammed for continuing to allow the poor to ruin the economy

16_august_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,180

Sunday 16 August 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Despite all Osborne’s efforts to blame the 2008 crash on Labour, it was no such thing, it was the banks, but it was also the failure of the G7 which consists of the ‘finance ministers and central bank governors of seven major advanced economies whose primary task is to discuss economic issues’. A fat lot of good all their discussions turned out to be as the banks drove the worlds economies off a cliff.

A central belief of the free market economy is that it will naturally self regulate, which reminds me of the famous Albert Einstein definition of insanity – ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’.

Amazingly, Osborne has just sold a 5.4 percent stake in RBS at a public loss of £1.1 billion yet we couldn’t afford to support 19,000 of the most disabled and disadvantaged people in Britain at a mere £330 million. Osborne’s give away to the boys in the city could have supported severely disabled people for three years and, if he knew anything about investment, which I doubt, probably longer. Amongst the group brokering the deal were Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, which seems sensible as they know all about blowing money and letting the great tax paying public pick up the tab.

But, of course, we now know it was the tax guzzling poor who broke the economy living out luxurious lives on benefits, in a drink and drug fuelled haze of privilege and entitlement. “Why should we work they cry, when all these hard working people just keep filling up the tax pot for us? Someone’s got to pay for our tattoos, wide screen TV’s in every room and our jet ski holidays in the Costa Del Plenty!”

Of course not everyone is doing so well, corporations are still struggling, requiring a little public help in the shape of £93 billion a year in welfare handouts. Still things should pick up as corporation tax in the UK is the lowest of the worlds major economies, that is, if they choose to pay it and not bury their profits in tax havens. Figures for 2012/2013 reveal that tax evasion and avoidance had gone up a bit to £34 billion.

The real bad boy, though, as Iain Duncan Smith is at such pains to constantly remind us, is still benefit fraud at a truly eye watering £1.2 billion! He was recently slammed by the spending watchdog for failing to get to grips with benefit fraud and error. Perhaps he should rethink his sanctions regime and just start shooting scroungers, they shouldn’t be hard to find as they are regular attenders at Jobcentres across the land trying to blag an extra quid or two. A half decent marksman shouldn’t have any problem picking them off and if that doesn’t produce a satisfactory cull, they could also try foodbanks as they attract hundreds of thousands on the lookout for what Lord Freud calls a ‘free good’, as he so rightly said, “food from the food banks is a free good and by definition with a free good there’s almost infinite demand”. So there you go, that shouldn’t require a marksman, any goon with a semi automatic could probably do the job.

Abolishing the Independent Living Fund

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