Treating poor people like scum and robbing them of any meaningful existence

24_august_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,188

Monday 24 August 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In your one dimensional world in which you know the price of everything but the value of nothing, ordinary people are being driven into a twilight world deprived of all value, meaning and self worth.

Whatever spurious reasons you have for ending lifetime tenancies in social housing, the reality is that it undermines communities and social cohesion, children’s education can be disrupted on the whim of others and people deprived of choice of where they call home. It’s already happening in the social cleansing of entire housing estates. 50,000 people have been shipped out of London in the last three years and regeneration is just another name for social cleansing. And, of course, these are Tory policies and that just means chaos for ordinary people.

Iain Duncan Smith called it a ‘sin’ for people not to take up available jobs. People ‘face the threat of losing all benefits for as long as three years if they refuse community work or the offer of a job, or fail to apply for a post if advised to do so’. He cares nothing for the exercise of choice or quality of work or aptitude or, indeed, any human consideration at all. He not only calls people ‘stock’, he treats them like stock.

People in poverty are targeted 5 times more than most citizens and disabled people 9 times more and the cumulative impact is disastrous, but we really need look no further than the closure of the Independent Living Fund to see the breathtaking inhumanity with which disabled people are treated by your government and Iain Duncan Smith in particular.

Chris Grayling promised tough new measure in courts, imposing fines without giving judges any discretion in applying them which is seeing experienced judges resigning and people already destitute receiving ludicrous fines which they have no hope of paying. Poverty stricken people are being forced to plead guilty for crimes they may not have committed because charges can be up to 10 times higher if someone is found guilty after pleading innocence. That’s not justice, that’s barbaric brutality.

Iain Duncan Smith (again) has abandoned measuring poverty in terms of money and will instead redefine it by life chances and it is clearly going to be a finger pointing exercise to blame parents for holding back children’s chances, doubtless resulting in yet more punitive measures because that’s the measure of the man.

Your government consists of low class thugs living over privileged lives treating poor people like scum and robbing them of any meaningful existence!

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