Nothing but political sneering contempt for the electorate and democracy

08_september_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,196

Tuesday 08 September 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

If the rise of Jeremy Corbyn has revealed anything it is the widespread political contempt that so many politicians have for the electorate. Democratising the leadership election has politicians running around like headless chickens, in fact it reminds me of story of Chicken Licken, ‘If Corbyn gets in the sky will fall on our heads’.

This isn’t new, it is clearly deep seated and deep rooted. Tony Blair said, ‘I wouldn’t want to win on an old fashioned leftist platform’ and, ‘people who say their heart is with Corbyn, get a transplant’. The arrogance of the man is breathtaking, that he can insult us so brazenly and openly says everything about him and nothing about us.

Since 2010 we have seen the greatest transfer of wealth from the poorest to the richest in our history. That is what fundamentally underpins austerity Britain as it is aimed specifically at the poor, whilst rewarding the rich.

Welfare reforms have been driven by the baseless rhetoric of people on benefits being work shy scroungers fraudulently abusing the social security system. Iain Duncan Smith has gone to extraordinary lengths to vilify and demonise people on benefits, treating them like criminal offenders and depriving them of the means of survival through cuts and sanctions. Instead of supporting poor, sick and disabled people, Smith has created a benefit denial system and even claiming that work makes you well and helps recovery from sickness. He is rewriting sickness and disability as a personal failing, as people lacking incentive and motivation and milking the benefits system. Whilst George Osborne rewards the rich, the poor are beaten and cudgeled into compliance by Iain Duncan Smith.

I can do no better than to close by quoting Frances Ryan in the guardian, ‘ IDS hates ingratitude. As he told Channel 4 news this week when Krishnan Guru-Murthy suggested disabled people felt “hard done by” under this government’s policies: “We probably spend more on disabled and sick people in Britain … than almost any other country in the developed world.” He doesn’t let the fact that this is a lie stop him. He inserts the word “probably” and then says whatever fits with his policies.

I believe IDS is “probably” incompetent and is reducing thousands of people, scared, in pain, and humiliated, to poverty. This latest farce is emblematic of a government-wide culture of dehumanising, dangerous benefit cuts that have rotted every part of the social-security system and are causing people to die.’

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