The policies of Iain Duncan Smith – work or die

09_september_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,197

Wednesday 09 September 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Since 1994 the DWP has been infected with the UNUM virus, that is, it’s policy-making has been subject to false claims that disability and illness are ‘Malingering and Illness Deception’ and that through the application of Unum’s bogus biopsychosocial model that ‘work makes you well’. Atos assessment centres were nothing more than ‘Disability Denial Factories’, now taken over by Maximus after Atos £500m agreement to carry out work capability assessments was ended early.

Now that your government have a small majority in parliament Iain Duncan Smith has abandoned all restraint in his attacks on sick and disabled people. His latest plan to force sick and disabled people off Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) even if they can only head butt a large on/off button in a factory as a means of improving their condition is the latest phase in his policies which amount essentially to – work or die.

In a recent letter from Jacob Rees-Mogg he included information about Iain Duncan Smith comparing his welfare reforms to the struggle to end slavery. “Changes to the benefits system are part of a “historic mission” to help people “break free” like William Wilberforce’s campaign to end the slave trade. Britain can only be “great again” if welfare is reformed so that people move into work and take part in the recovery. It will “rekindle pride in communities” as people see their neighbours “thrive”.

Apparently George Osborne’s ‘crackdown’ on in-work tax credits was, according to Smith, because ‘some families spend the extra money on drink and drugs while their children go unfed’. Perhaps we should have a crackdown on the pay and perks of members of Parliament because some of them spend their publicly funded pay on prostitutes, drink and cocaine.

Getting people off ESA is clearly included in those Smith states have been consigned to a “twilight world” of dependence on the state. Disability is not a twilight world, nor is the support disabled people need to live and depriving them of such support, like ESA and the Independent Living Fund, is just unrestrained brutality. Smith is not freeing disabled people from slavery but plunging them into it and a twilight world of abandonment in which ‘two out of five disabled people in this country are now unable to eat, wash, dress or get out of the house’. It is Smith who is a slave, a slave to sick delusion and sadistic fantasy and his own slavish self devotion to being right.

‘Private Eye’ piece on Unum, the American insurance company, and income protection cover, 11 November 2011

Getting rich on disability denial

10 thoughts on “The policies of Iain Duncan Smith – work or die

  1. Reblogged this on Brightonredhot’s Weblog and commented:
    This sick nazi is 1 of the main reasons that disability hate crime in Britain has gone up massively, this is exactly what he has told both the job centres and the corrupt DWP how to treat all disabled people who are then being deliberately targeted for anything at all, surely the equality laws of 2010 are being broken here as they state no disabled person will be made to do anything if it is detrimental to their health, these legal laws are being broken, I for starters would not go for a medical if I was told too as it would be detrimental to my health as among other things I am agoraphobic so could not go out anyway, also am not safe around strangers because of seriously bad shit that has happened to me throughout my life, my drs and other health professionals are the only ones who fully know about these things and my other medical problems but no way in a million years would I ever go to a medical unless it was done by my own Dr or other medical people who know my medical history, these people who do the flawed wca assessments are not even fully trained medically they are just glorified pen pushers and know nothing about a persons medical history etc, this is the reason why so many people have to appeal wrong benefit decisions. If all of these were done by patients own drs etc then this would massively cut this cost down as most people would be assessed correctly in the first place. This sick vile nazi is nothing but a twisted psycho mass murderer who is guilty of thousands of innocent disabled peoples murders and manslaughters and all because of his sick terror regime on the disabled of Britain.

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