Cameron launchs attack on Corbyn, oh dearie me. Nil points.

12_september_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,200

Saturday 12 September 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

By the time this letter arrives in London we will know who the next Labour leader is. It’s telling that just before the announcement of the new Labour leader you have launched your own desperate plea against the man most likely to. In the speech you are to give, today, Friday, as I type this letter, you will apparently say, “We can spend less and deliver more”, arguing there is a “moral imperative” to “streamline” services to be more “effective”. When a business uses technology to deliver more for less, it’s regarded as a good thing. But when government does it, it’s too often just badged as cuts.”

You have a talent for uttering the utterly meaningless. Technology certainly plays its part in business and, yes, it can deliver more for less, but the reality is that it doesn’t get passed on, it boosts profit but not general prosperity for workers and ordinary people. But what on earth has technology got to do with austerity, with the many billions of pounds in cuts and the destruction of vital front line services, with sanctions and lives ruined?

You will further say, “Whoever wins the Labour leadership tomorrow, this is now a party that has completely vacated the intellectual playing field and no longer represents working people.” You haven’t even entered the intellectual playing field let alone represented working people in a country which is the most unequal in Europe and millions now live in fear for their lives.

There is nothing intellectually bankrupt about wanting a more socially just and equal society. Education is the powerhouse of the nation and in a nation which is one of the richest in the world education should be one of our most treasured investments providing opportunities for all, not producing people who enter the world of work deeply in debt. Investing in housing, creating real jobs for real people, building the real economy and keeping money in circulation generating yet more money is plain common sense. Instead of lowering corporate taxation, it should be increased to give back to the nation which generously provides the infrastructure that sustains businesses and the markets and on which they are utterly reliant. Having the Bank of England produce sovereign money, given to the treasury to invest in social housing, schools, hospitals and infrastructure is a growth investment for the nation, instead of the crazy PFI’s which are impoverishing us appallingly to enrich hedge funds and banks.

Lastly, Jeremy Corbyn has opened up an inclusive political conversation the like of which I have never seen before and I doubt has ever happened before, so before you accuse Labour of vacating the intellectual playing field, you might like to consider the hundreds of thousands of people you are insulting. The intellectual playing field has changed and you, as primarily a PR man, have never even been in it. Yours is a government for the intellectually bankrupt with you, George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith chief among them.

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