We have just had a defining moment in Britain

13_september_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,201

Sunday 13 September 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

12 September 2015, a defining moment in British history. I see that your master of the dark arts, Lynton Crosby, is already on the job earning his thirty pieces of silver. I am sure that the bile and filth will pour out like unstoppable sewage, because that’s all you know how to do, but the game has changed. Like a phoenix from the ashes, Labour is back and politics has just entered the 21st century leaving your 19th century party of throwbacks to punitive rampant paternalism dribbling spite down your bibs.

The party is over, the free-loading on the backs of the poor is over. We now have a compassionate, moderate and hope filled opposition which you’ll be facing across the despatch box, but Corbyn won’t be alone, you now face team Corbyn and it is a very big team, one I am proud to be a committed part of.

At home and abroad we will be the voice of reason, caring and people centred, championing the poor and the disenfranchised that your party so delights to trample down. We are the champions of work with dignity and respect, with rights and protections and fair pay. Disability is not a personal failing, nor is it malingering, disabled people deserve, like all people, to be treated well and, again, with dignity and respect and rightfully deserve to be supported to live full and rewarding lives to the best of their ability. Under Corbyn Labour will be the voice of humanity, with ‘human’ front and centre.

How can I speak with such confidence? Because we are not pursuing an ideology, which is all your party does, badly, we speak from a human centred, socially centred place. We do not have to spin it in formulaic meaningless sound bites, but speak from a place which is at ease with our living selves, heart and mind. Carl Rogers called such sincerity ‘congruence’ or genuineness which is self evident to others and it is exactly that quality in Jeremy Corbyn which so many people have responded to in such a positive way.

As Corbyn himself and others, like Owen Jones, have said it will not be easy, not least because rags like the Daily Mail and doubtless the Sun will even now be plumbing the sewers for filth to throw at us. I know it’s going to be hard, but we are not, despite all your lies, afraid of hard work. Britain was the home of the Industrial Revolution, but it wasn’t the aristocracy or the wealthy that made is so, it was the legions of hard working ordinary people, without whom not a rail track would have been made or laid, nor road, or train or ship built.

There is something new in this country that has been suppressed and is now alive again, optimism and hope and we richly deserve both and to pursue them with energy and vigour.


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