Mission creep and treating people like vermin. how much longer?

20_september_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,206

Sunday 20 September 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Isn’t it astonishing to watch mission creep in action? A year or so ago, no one would have dared to suggest that older home owners living in houses with an extra bedroom or three should move into ‘proper housing for retired people in the right places’. It would have been so absurd it could only have been included in a satirical piece, perhaps along with feeding dead poor people to pigs. Don’t get any ideas about that, I am not offering ‘Paupers for Pigs’ as a policy idea, but it seems anything is possible these days.

Lynda Blackwell, head of mortgages at the Financial Conduct Authority, apparently said at a conference hosted by the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association, Britain had a ‘real issue with the last-time buyer’. She went on, “There’s lots of questions about whether it is right that the Government should focus on the first-time buyer when we’ve got a real issue with the last-time buyer. There’s older borrowers who basically pay off their mortgage and sit quite happily in a very big house. Does there need to be thought given to trying to encourage older persons to actually move away – build proper housing for retired people in the right places?” In the right places? What kind of meaningless psychobabble is that?

Of course she’s bat shit crazy, but to be fair to her this hasn’t come in a vacuum. The stage has been set through tens of thousands of poor people being socially cleansed from their homes and communities and your announcement that you plan to end lifetime tenancies in social housing. Ordinary people have no right to a home any more, something which, for the majority of people, was once so taken for granted it never could have occurred to us that a Prime Minister of this country would or could ever take them away or force us out.

But then I never thought I’d live to see the day that thousands of people would be deprived of the means of survival, but now it’s routine, being starved to death or committing suicide in the hundreds, even thousands. You see what I mean about mission creep?

The demonisation will doubtless follow, the selfishness of the old, depriving people of a roof over their heads, then some attacks and the stories of old people afraid to leave their homes, but by that time it won’t be front page news in the Britain you’ve created. Another PR triumph, another nail in the coffin of Britain as people succumb to barbarity and brutalisation. The real brutes, though, will go back to their manors, mansions, residences and castles or grace and favour homes, like Osborne after the National Trust pays £375,000 to spruce up Dorneywood for him for his weekend freebie getaways. You and Osborne are the ones with the long term economic plan, how much longer do you reckon people will take being treated like vermin?







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