We can bail out the banks but the steel industry is abandoned

30_september_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,216

Wednesday 30 September 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Did Conservative MP James Wharton, the Minister for Local Growth and the Northern Powerhouse, really say, “An industry which has made a loss over each of the last three years would pass that responsibility to the tax payer”?

The closure of Redcar SSI steel plant will affect thousands of lives, tens of thousands of lives when you consider all those who will be affected by it and plunged into chaos and Wharton intends to do nothing?

Let’s just recap. We bailed out the banks which apparently peaked at £1.162 trillion, on top of which the banks were given a free gift of £375 billion in quantitative easing by the Bank of England, on top of which, again, must be added the human cost in suffering, misery and death since you and your government decided that it was the welfare state which was responsible for Britain’s debt and the duty of the poor to repay it. In his recent junket in the far East, George Osborne gave £3 million for developing grass roots football to China which just happens to have the second largest economy in the world, second only to the USA, and James Wharton has the gall to say that we can’t support British jobs in one of Britain’s remaining great manufacturing industries that Thatcher didn’t manage to destroy. You couldn’t make this stuff up, no fiction writer would dare to pen such a plot, it would be too unbelievable.

James Wharton might just as well be the minister for ding bats and Dodos for all the good he is.

It remains an ongoing astonishment to me that a party of known, proven, liars even polled one vote at the general election in May, proving that there are none so blind as those who wilfully choose not to see. If you cannot trust someone to keep their word, you don’t vote them in to run a country.

Abandoning the people of Teesside, which is what Wharton has chosen to do, is a betrayal not just of the workers but of their families and communities, contractors and local businesses who Wharton is specifically in post to represent and, indeed, champion. Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald, quite rightly said, “We should be looking at the sustainability of the steel industry, with the government going in as administrators, keeping it active, stockpiling steel if necessary’. Is this even open for discussion? Obviously not, the doors of Westminster are closed to the lives and concerns of ordinary people, dishing out betrayal after betrayal based on a tissue of lies and spin, punishing the poorest and most vulnerable people whilst rewarding the rich and powerful.

It is long overdue that right wing politics, the champion of neoliberalism, was wrapped up and killed off for the dismal failure it is. Rather than serving this nation, you are hell bent on subjugating it under authoritarian misrule. Fortunately the tide is turning and not before time.












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