The one thing this country cannot afford is the party of privilege, the Tories

01_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,217

Thursday 01 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Britain under the Tories, who know the price of everything but the value of nothing, is like the cold slab of an altar of greed, on which life, culture, community and people are sacrificed to the god of the ‘free’ markets. The scale of the cost is utterly staggering, not least in the dismal greyness of your vengeful dismal policies.

I learnt today that a care home in Harrogate has been reprimanded by inspectors for using terms of endearment with the residents. In Britain terms of endearment are ubiquitous, they are part of the rich culture of society and community the length and breath of Britain with incredible cultural variables. The Harrogate incident is a fitting tribute to life under you Tories, devoid of any human expression or care for the lives of ordinary people.

Your much used and abused expression that Britain is for ‘For Hardworking People’ is as patronising as it is meaningless as it is dismal as it is valueless and empty. Yet you trot it out and use it to demean everyone and anyone who, for whatever reason doesn’t fit your ridiculously narrow narrative of work, work, work. Gone are the days when we might be allowed to think that we work to live, in Tory Britain we must live to work and anyone not conforming to your shabby view must be penalised.

Even housing is just another commodity, in which communities are destroyed to make way for property speculators and you are planning to end lifetime tenancies as if community and roots have no value what so ever, even ‘social cleansing’ has become a familiar term in Tory Britain.

I had put off watching Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the Labour conference, knowing it would upset me, but I watched it this morning and, yes, it upset me greatly. It was a speech of inclusiveness, of common sense and reason in a country in which such things are being eroded daily by the soulless brutality of you and your party.

A life of great privilege, about which you apparently claimed to have been born with two silver spoons in your mouth, doesn’t seem to include any understanding of humanity leaving you hopelessly inadequate for the post you currently hold in which you are betraying the majority of your employers for the benefit of the privileged few who, under Tory austerity, have seen their wealth double. A politics of the people, by the people, for the people is a welcome step in returning this country to sanity because the one thing this country cannot afford is the party of privilege, the Tories.

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