We are not vassals of the state and should never be treated as such

03_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,219

Saturday 03 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

We are all born into a world run by, so called, elites and the problem is that most of us are not invited to the party. We are born into servility, set by the few against the many, to serve without any real democratic voice and with little or no say in policies which affect our everyday lives.

The minimum wage was a step in the right direction to combat poverty wages, but a minimum wage is not a wage that can be lived on, it is still a poverty wage set below the actual cost of living. That it was taken by so many businesses, capable of paying more, as standard to maximise profits against the welfare of the work force which creates those profits is inexcusable. To get away with the minimum wage businesses that pay it are benefiting from a social security system which tops up people’s income in order for them to live. Iain Duncan Smith has said that working tax credits are ‘a sorry story of dependency, wasted taxpayers’ money and fraud’. Were he talking about businesses I might agree, but he wasn’t, as usual he was falsely demonising the victims of low wages, not the culprits. Cuts to tax credits are just another egregious attack on ordinary people who are denied any democratic voice in government policy or the work place.

To say that there is no causal link between government policy and poverty is utterly ludicrous, you might just as well claim that there is no causal link between the arms industry and war. As a technicality, arms manufacturers may claim that they do not make wars, but the reality is that without the arms industry modern warfare would not be possible, they may not make the decisions to go to war but no one can deny that war is very good for business and they are in the trade to supply the means of conducting warfare. Your own recent arms trading tour, drumming up business for BAE Systems, is hardly anything to boast about, unless you live in a moral vacuum, which I rather think is the case given your own morally bankrupt economic war on the poor in the UK.

Treating people with dignity and respect isn’t hard, Mr Cameron, but first you must treat them as human beings, not vassals of the state nor yet as collateral damage in the pursuit of profit and enrichment for the few.

We deserve better and it is refreshing to see that the demands of ordinary people are getting louder and more insistent. It is no credit to you that the Tory conference in Manchester will see the construction of yet another ring of steel to keep protesters at bay. It’s hardly a sign of inclusive politics is it, or of you being the party of working people? I am sure there will be much back slapping and self congratulations at the conference, all the more offensive for ignoring the widespread misery and harm your party are entirely responsible for creating and pursuing through punitive policies and for treating us as vassals of the state and for enforcing obedience through depriving people of the means of survival.

Authoritarian and patronising attitudes and expression should be made illegal on a par with racial, religious, sexual and disability discrimination. It is to our shame that such laws are necessary, but then much of humanity has yet to grow up including many who serve in your party and that certainly includes you.








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