David Cameron a man of potentially great potential but actually not

05_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,221

Monday 05 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Human kind are moral creatures and morality precedes law because the ability to establish law requires us to have a moral sense and the ability to assert it; to be moral creatures.

Every human being is capable of moral and immoral thoughts and behaviour and good and bad judgement in deciding which is which.

Now here’s an interesting thing, the ability to commit a crime is a human right, the law exists, in that way, to play catch-up. Crime precedes the law which seeks to deter or catch and punish perpetrators. The law cannot in any way prevent a crime that someone is determined to commit, it acts as a deterrent and a way to hold perpetrators to account if they are determined to be undeterred.

Or at least that is what it should be but that is not how it is any more. Now, the right thing to do is whatever David Cameron thinks is the right thing to do. The Sunday Telegraph reports that you have ordered 20 Protector drones to keep us ‘safe’ ‘to give us the intelligence and information and potentially give us the capacity to hit people who are potentially planning to hit us’ and ‘More Jihadists fighting for the Islamic State would be placed on the country’s ‘kill list’ but only as a ‘last resort’.

You know, it is potentially possible that I might be potentially planning to potentially rob a bank today. Apart from being a string of words placed one after the other, perhaps you can tell me what that sentence actually means, or if any part of that sentence has any meaning at all, even potentially.

Let’s put this another way, would the ‘Protector’ drones be any more useful if they gave us the intelligence and information and potentially gave us the capacity not to hit people who are not potentially planning to hit us and therefore not put them on the countries kill list or be murdered as collateral damage? No, you are dredging the bottom of the barrel of meaninglessness to see if there is anything stuck to it that you can use to play mind games and play war games and still kill people who haven’t done anything but potentially might, one day, maybe, never. And you mean it most sincerely. Hallelujah. Rule Britannia.

And is there going to potentially be a parliamentary debate and a potential vote to potentially give you a mandate to potentially do any of this? In a potentially private part of my anatomy in a potential pigs ear there is.

And this is all going to keep us safe? In a potentially private part of my anatomy in a potential pigs ear it will. But don’t worry about me, you carry right on. Oh, you don’t, and you will. Well, uh, that’s alright then. Please excuse any actual contempt I feel for you, you’ve actually earned it. Have a nice conference, in Manchester, in the ring of steel erected specially for you, to protect you from moral people.




2 thoughts on “David Cameron a man of potentially great potential but actually not

  1. I don’t suppose the pre-emptive strike is going to become a general right enjoyed by anyone who thinks anyone might attack them. Just the sole prerogative of the government. Kinda does away with law this idea. Might is right springs to mind.

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