If money had anything to do with dignity and self-respect, Hunt would keep his mouth shut

07_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,223

Wednesday 07 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Jeremy Hunt thinks that how you get your money decides whether you have any dignity or self-respect. It matters, it seems, whether you’ve earned it or not, and if you’ve earned it ‘you are independent and that is the first step towards self-respect’.

Edward Bernays would be proud of Hunt, as the father of PR (lies) and the champion of capitalism, Bernays spent his life persuading people that it was only through things, through consumption, that happiness, dignity and self-respect were achieved. It was all nonsense, of course, that’s the point of PR and spin, persuading people that a lot of nonsense is real and thus cigarettes could be sold as ‘Torches of Freedom’ to an unsuspecting world naive to the black arts of social manipulation, propaganda, lies and spin.

Possibly Bernays and capitalism’s greatest achievement was the manufacture of discontent to get people hooked on things and thus ensued a world of confusion that exists to this day for many and which Hunt, in his deceit, is attempting to exploit.

Let’s just clear the ground here, dignity and self-respect have nothing to do with money. There is power in believing such a thing and plenty of people do, but it is impossible to have any enduring and stable dignity or self-respect that is dependent on anything external to ones self. You might just as well attach your self worth, dignity and self-respect to a bunch of bananas for all the good it will do you. The problem here, though, is that in a modern western nation we are all dependent on money, so framing dignity and self-respect on the issue of money and insecurities around money, hits a nerve, but really Hunt can have no dignity or self-respect for playing just a lousy trick with people’s lives and psyches. But, hey, that’s the Tory way. Osborne’s latest buzz word, ‘security’, is going to be pounded at the nation until, he hopes, it’ll stick while he is hell bent on creating as much insecurity as possible, because that’s what austerity is and what it’s about. But let’s move on.

The vast majority of those in receipt of state support, paid in taxes, are receiving money they have earned. Of course some people have not yet paid or cannot pay into the national pot, a caring and compassionate society understands this and knows that it is money well spent; that no one falls into destitution and death through lack, but are supported to live through universal care. That was a founding principle of the welfare state, the same as universal health care, free at the point of use. Whether it is a cash handout or a medical procedure that costs thousands of pounds, its the same deal which you Tories are currently undermining and destroying. The deep prejudice you Tories have for the common people and especially the poor is no different now than when you fought like fury to prevent the founding of the welfare state and the NHS, it’s just the endless antipathy that the privileged have always had for the common people who you have always exploited and consider it your right to do so. Nothing has changed.

Your conference is a really a festival of lies because you are too cowardly or too ignorant to tell the truth because the truth is as ugly as sin and so outrageous it would be the end of you.

Multi-millionaire Jeremy Hunt: people on tax credits ‘lack self respect and dignity’

Torches of Freedom: Women and Smoking Propaganda

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