The governments wars of aggression at home and abroad, wake up Britain, it’s happening right now, right under our noses

11_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,227

Sunday 11 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Who are ISIL/ISIS/IS and what more real and present danger are they to this country than you and your government? As heads of state posture and rival with each other for the deceit of the moral high ground in the escalating war of aggression in Syria, marching us ever closer to Armageddon and mutually assured destruction, there is another unseen and barely remarked war going on, unremarked by you, of course, as its prosecutor, and of little interest to a corporate media who prefer shock and awe news, rather than anything resembling journalism.

The two fields of war at home and abroad have one certain thing in common, the politics of self interest and corporate greed, which is the ruling brute fist driving policy at home and abroad. You care nothing for the victims of war, the thousands of lives lost, the poverty, the homeless, the starving, the abandoned, the betrayed, and the children who must suffer the consequences of your austerity and your war on the poor, mere collateral damage in the corporate take over of Britain.

Our growing homeless, are they any less refugees in this war, with nowhere to go, no hope of relief, hounded without mercy, even threatened with fines of £1,000, and those who care enough to offer the homeless food threatened with prosecution? These are the refugees of austerity and the corporatocracy imposed on Britain today.

Britain is not short of a bob or two when it comes to corporate relief and welfare, £93 billion in corporate subsidies and tax breaks, £375 billion in quantitative easing pumped into the financial markets. We’re not short of handouts to the rich either as Osborne provides inheritance tax relief for wealthy families.

In Britain it is a war without guns, but it is just as brutal as Iain Duncan Smith deprives the poorest and most vulnerable of the means of survival. And like any war, it is fuelled by propaganda, demonising the enemy, blaming the enemy for the brutality which is the sole prerogative of those who conduct wars, those with the might and self given right to mercilessly crush their enemies.

The corporate propaganda machine is out in force, demonising and calling the champions of peace and social justice, unpatriotic and a threat to security and conducting the most virulent, hateful, attacks upon them – Jeremy Corbyn, Charlotte Church, DPAC, Russell Brand and many more. Priti Patel even had the audacity to describe disabled and elderly campaigners as a ‘thuggish gang’. And just as in any war, you sit far from harms way protected from the consequences of your vile actions, buffered by the front line obedient troops you care nothing for either.

Not in my name, Mr Cameron. You do not represent me and I will not lend my silence to your smug, self assured, couldn’t care less brutality. Someone told me yesterday that I should tell you I am ashamed to share the same surname as you, I am not ashamed to bear my fathers name, the shame is all yours.

How to waste £445 billion? – The Failure of Quantitative Easing (VIDEO)

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