The Tory party should be branded an extremist terrorist party


A letter a day to number 10. No 1,229

Tuesday 13 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The black arts of propaganda, PR and spin are the ability to couch something in terms which trigger a popular conception and response in the minds of its target audience but which means something quite different in its intent.

Let’s look at your claim to be the party for hard working people. It is a wonderfully divisive term, a really juicy them and us sound bite, and the truly sad part is that the harder people work the more you betray them. Teachers, doctors, nurses, fire services, police, ambulance, the legal profession, carers, the entire public sector, workers on zero hours contracts, the growing numbers of desperate self employed people, union members, apprentices, young people, workfare, sick and disabled people, in fact anyone on low to median pay. One way or another you’ll shaft them.

Instead of pay being a contractual monitory exchange for services rendered to a company, you’ve managed to couch it in terms of a reward for hard work, a gift reserved for the hard working even as Boris Johnson accuses British workers of ‘sloth, low skills and a culture of easy gratification’ (whatever that means). The blunder brained Mayor of London should look at the world around himself and wonder where it all came from, Elves and Gnomes in the dark reaches of the night, the tooth fairy? He and you and your party of profligate wasters and naked greed are an insult to intelligence. If we are a nation of low skills, or perhaps lowering skills, I’ll remind you that is was you who decided that it was a really good idea to support young people seeking to better themselves in education by saddling them with a mountain of debt. If we, as a nation, are lacking skills, it is as a direct result of you strangling talent before it has a chance to get off the ground and then having the bare faced effrontery to blame the very people you’ve betrayed.

I can’t think of many promises you’ve kept, but you promised permanent austerity and you’ve delivered. A permanent drive to create insecurity and instability whilst demanding ever more for less. You are indeed the party for hard working people, all guns blazing as you target, victimise and destroy lives.

The Observer reports that 50,000 teachers left the profession last year, the highest number since records began and applications for teacher training are down across all regions, the crisis is so great that the Department for Education and school heads are now recruiting abroad (migrants to aid Britain’s crisis, there’s irony for you) as you lay waste to Britain’s talent.

I am reminded of a song by Phil Ochs ‘Here’s to The State of Mississippi’ which I shall paraphrase – Oh, here’s to the land you’ve torn out the heart of, David Cameron find yourself another country to be part of. This country will prosper when you are no more than a bad memory which we would be ill advised to forget. The Tory party should be branded an extremist terrorist party and banned from holding office in the UK.

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