Culling the nation and all Cameron can do is lie

15_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,231

Thursday 15 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

You are paid by us, tax payers, an annual salary of £142,500. Is that money well spent? Hardly. You have gained your position through deception and politically you pursue an agenda that is fundamentally hostile to the vast majority of the people in this nation and you do not even have the decency to be honest about it. You use lies, spin and deception because you know that if you were honest the people of this country would never have voted you in and would be horrified. Worse still, you prey on common decency to get away with your lies, knowing how hard it is to accept that any government could be so wilfully hateful and contemptuous of ordinary people. And we pay you for this?

You were visited in Westminster on Wednesday by members of the fire service from all over the country who have suffered 7,000 job losses since 2010. This is a front line service and what that means, Mr Cameron and for those who vote for you and are too stupid to work it out for themselves, is that when catastrophe strikes these are the people that, when you pick up a phone and dial 999, come to your aid and who will literally put themselves in harms way to save your life.

This isn’t the same league as the £5.1 billion reported to be wasted by government departments, like the £6 million spent on earplugs for the Ministry of Defence which didn’t work and were therefore dumped. How stupid do you have to be to make a purchase of that magnitude and not have a returns policy? Or how about the ‘£11 million lost by the Department for Work and Pension because it overpaid work programme providers’, perhaps Iain Duncan Smith might like to explain that to 84 year old, Karl Dallas, who is now on hunger strike since the DWP demanded a repayment of more than £5,500 for a supposed overpayment on his pension credits since 2008 when his circumstances have apparently not changed since 1998.

Lancashire police are warning that after 2020 there will be no police presence other than a blue light service and forces across the country no longer know how they are going to operate.

As we know all too well, austerity means that people are paying off the deficit with their lives and the UK debt under Osborne is still going up. Five and whatever years of Osbornomics and we’re worse off than ever.

Austerity kills and don’t you just know it. Cuts cost livelihoods and lives in the great Tory national cull. In your recent UN speech you called for the world to follow Britain’s lead ‘to reduce preventable deaths to zero, to eliminate illiteracy and malnutrition and to eradicate extreme poverty in a generation’. Talking about the worlds poor you said, ‘we need to put the poorest, weakest and most marginalised first – to Leave No-One Behind’. You just couldn’t make this stuff up. Except you do, spinning whatever egregious lie suits the occasion to make you look good.

Bradford pensioner goes on hunger strike in protest at DWP payment demand |Telegraph and Argus

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