Grinding the faces of the poor in the dirt

22_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,238

Thursday 22 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Tonight in a country in which the poor are being driven into poverty and despair to pay down a debt they had no part in creating and where the richest are being awarded handouts and whose wealth is increasing, people will be going hungry, many of them children. People who are afraid, without hope, knowing that tomorrow will offer nothing better. Many, if not most, of these people will be going hungry as a direct result of your austerity measures, cuts, freezes, sanctions, the bedroom tax and some will not know how much longer they’ll even have a roof over their heads. Many of these people will be the working poor on poverty pay who today will know that cuts to Working Tax Credits are going to plunge them further into poverty and let me assure you, some of these people are going to take their own lives because you will have driven them beyond whatever fragile resources they had to keep going.

You expressed in PMQs that you were delighted that the cuts had gone through, despite members of your own party expressing their concerns at their impact about which it is impossible for you not to be fully aware of. Were these cuts actually necessary and not just another ideological attack on the poor, anyone with even the slightest care, consideration, humanity, humility or shred of decency would have offered at least a word of regret and shown a measure of concern, but not you, you are delighted. A victory for David Cameron against people who are powerless against him and who you relentlessly attack again and again and again in your despicable economic war on the poor.

I was going to start this next paragraph with, ‘Imagine my shock..’, but you can’t so I won’t. I was dumbfounded to come across a ridiculous video courtesy of Iain Duncan Smith, the architect of so much human misery in Britain today, showing a daft monster approaching people, who ignore it, to remind them (quite how is best known only to the denizens of la la land where Smith clearly spends his time) to pay into work place pensions. The final message is, ‘Don’t ignore the work place pension, search online today’ (how helpful). This masterpiece of childish patronising nonsense is 43 seconds long and has cost us tax payers £8.54 million. The Mirror has worked out that for the same money 1,725 young people could get housing benefit for a year, or save 18,813 people from the bedroom tax for a year, or enable 448 disabled people to live independently for a year.

I know many of you treat our tax money as little more than a personal slush fund to be used and abused to fund lifestyles of privilege and entitlement with the DWP’s latest attack dog, Priti Patel, amongst the highest claimants at £153,000 for 2014 on top of her £134,565 as a cabinet minister. But an overgrown Honey Monster video targeting businesses to be broadcast in the commercial break between Coronation Street and Emmerdale this Wednesday at a cost of £8.54 million is just stamping on the necks of the poor and grinding their faces in the dirt!

Tory MP speaks passionately against tax credits cuts. Before voting for them. Again.

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