To get the heart back into Britain we need more creative subversion

23_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,239

Friday 23 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I wrote a little poem today that I thought I’d share with you.

All work and no play
takes all the bloody fun away
so have a skive
and feel alive
and have a loafing day

The very idea that ‘Britain is for hard working people’ is an affront to humanity and human dignity. It should ignite the spirit of subversion in every heart apart from the terminally dull and intellectually moribund.

It raises the old question, do we work to live or live to work? Clearly it is your intention that we live to work, in fact that dictum underlies Iain Duncan Smiths welfare reforms and his egregious attacks on our system of social security and his punitive regime of benefits denial and sanctions.

Since 2010 you have been pursuing this silly nonsense in the most divisive way possible as when George Osborne said in his 2012 conference speech, ‘Where is the fairness, we ask, for the shift-worker, leaving home in the dark hours of the early morning, who looks up at the closed blinds of their next door neighbour sleeping off a life on benefits?’ I have to acknowledge that such tactics have worked very well not least because the corporate media has rammed it down people’s throats and inflamed division leaving you to carry on demolishing Britain’s superb public services and the jewel in our nations crown, our NHS.

The truth is that the whole idea of ‘Britain being for hard working people’ is utterly cretinous. It is an attempt to drive the rich diversity of human nature down a blind tunnelled ally of dingy grey sucking the life out of living which should be lived for its own sake and never shackled to the dictates of others, especially government. If the poor old shift worker, leaving home in the dark hours of the early morning, gazes enviously up at the closed blinds of his still sleeping neighbour, rather than resenting his neighbour he should take a hard look at his own life, do himself a favour, throw a sickie, go and buy some beers and spend the day loafing with his neighbour enjoying himself and sticking a finger up to the world and your government in particular. You know nothing of his (our) lot in life, and care even less, time spent with his neighbour, who would doubtless intimately understand his lot, would be far more productive and good for his life and well being. He might even discover that a life of creative subversion is far more rewarding than obedience to a Tory government which seeks only to oppress him.

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