Britain must now rank amongst the worlds brutal dictatorships

25_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,240

Sunday 25 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The only test for any government policy is its impact on the ground in the real world, not some cooked up nonsense spun from a government office or department and especially not a PR department.

The Trussell Trust latest figures reveal that 1,084,604 people were given food parcels in 2014/15, 687,607 to adults and 396,997 to children. This is a catastrophic rise from the 61,468 handed out in 2010/11, your first year in coalition.

The richest people have seen their wealth double since the banking crisis. Government policy attacks the poor whilst the richest are rewarded, that is the reality of austerity in Britain. George Osborne announced in his budget that families could pass an increase to £1 million on to their children free of inheritance tax. He lowered corporation tax from 28% to 20% over the period of the coalition government, but has lowered it further to 18%. However, in proposing a then freeze on Tax Credits he remarked, ‘So those who oppose any savings to Tax Credits will have to explain how on earth they propose to eliminate the deficit’. He thus made it clear that eliminating the deficit is the sole responsibility of the poor. The rich are not only protected, they are rewarded whilst the poorer you are the more you are penalised and let’s not forget where the deficit came from, the banks who will directly benefit from the lowered corporation tax. Britain’s corporation tax is the lowest in the G20 and we’re also giving businesses £93 billion a year in subsidies, that’s a welfare gift of more than £3,500 from each UK household.

The magnitude of the injustices being heaped on the poor are utterly staggering. You are literally crushing the life out of the poor, knowingly, wilfully and with malice aforethought. There is no justice in it, no hint of ‘fairness’, a word Osborne is fond of using, and no ‘security’, his new catchword applied to everything except the poor other than in proposing more cuts in tax credits next year to pay for ‘national security’.

This is the relentless wholesale destruction of the poorest and most vulnerable people in Britain and is nothing more than cold blooded, callous, brutality. Your government has blood on its hands and you couldn’t care less and Tory MPs openly mock the poor in parliament. Britain now ranks amongst the worlds brutal dictatorships.

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