The flame of defiance must be kept lit

28_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,243

Wednesday 28 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

You may enjoy your brief day in the sun, but history will remember your infamy and treachery.

Refusing to back the fight against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) leaving our NHS unprotected from being invaded by corporations will mean the death knell for our world famous health service and of its being free at the point of use for rich and poor alike. Healthcare corporations and Insurance companies alike will sue for loss of profits against any tax payer funded service as being a threat to their interests. The vultures are circling and you’ve nailed your colours to the mast, let’s hope you go down with the ship, though I am sure you expect those same corporate vultures to throw you a life raft.

Yesterday you suffered a defeat in the House of Lords over Tax Credits, who called you out for lying to the nation. George Osborne, looking like a man whose nose had been seriously pushed out of joint, reiterated his usual mantra that he was determined that the poor must pay to secure our economy, saying nothing about his tax breaks to the rich and to corporations. In bullish form (he really looked pleasingly pissed off) Osborne made clear that you and he intend to punish the Lords for protecting the poor. You have accused the Lords of ‘breaking a constitutional convention’, the small matter of lying to the electorate remains to be dealt with, which you are clearly not going to do. All you want, it seems, is power absolute. All the people want is social justice and we will continue the fight against the worst and most corrupt government in our history.

The speech from Baroness Hollis to the upper chamber should have been instructive to you and your claim to make work pay and about working people who do everything they can to keep their heads above water. Osborne said he had listened and I am sure he had as the pair of you set about a ‘rapid review’ to secure your supremacy. Clearly you don’t give a fig for social justice and it is down to us to oppose you and continue the fight for social justice which you so avidly oppose.

In the struggle for social justice those who fight the battle are always enemies of the state, reviled in word and deed by those who hold fast the reins of power, mocked, derided, penalised, arrested and even imprisoned.

They are not the ones who cry, ‘It’s hopeless!’ They are the ones who with utmost determination, even in their worst moments of disheartenment, strike the match that rekindles the candles’ flame. Tired, exhausted even, perhaps hearing deaths call at last, they do not surrender to that tyrant, but in defiance strike that vital match one last time even as their final breath sighs out. And win.

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