I have no idea what a ‘servative ‘ is, but I know what a ‘Con’ is

30_october_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,245

Friday 30 October 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Malnutrition is on the rise, food banks are proliferating, according to Child Poverty Action Group the number of children in absolute poverty in the UK has increased by half a million since 2010 and now news is emerging of hospitals offering food parcels (and clothing) to patients showing signs of malnourishment. Tameside hospital is also looking at distributing food throughout the area to improve the levels of nutrition in Tameside.

Allow me state what should be blindingly obvious, this has happened and continues to happen on your watch although people would never know it if they listened to anything you say.

You claim to have created 1,000 jobs a day, a boast you have repeated many times. It’s true you have created a low pay, no pay economy and people are, in desperation, declaring themselves self employed in a desperate attempt to find any income at all in a country that increasingly abandons the poor, but as for your government creating jobs, where? Do name even one.

What you never mention is the millions of jobs that have been lost in Britain since 2010 with many more to come. The present crisis in the UK steel industry is a shining example of Tory unconcern for thousands of job losses, not to mention the loss of one of our last major manufacturing industries. It is nigh on impossible to find any kind of collective figure for job losses through Tory cuts in public services but they are astronomical. NHS staffing is at critical mass and some police areas are predicting that they’ll only be able to offer a blue light service and let’s not forget firemen reduced to tears as entire stations were closed. One of the major issues in our crisis struck NHS is the billions of pounds being paid out for agency staff to plug huge gaps in staffing. Britain isn’t short of nurses, it’s just that they’ve been thrown out on their ears by your government. I wonder where they went?

Britain is, and always has been, full of hardworking people, but if you are for hard working people they should be running for the hills and building agrarian communities to survive. Your claim to be the party of working people is, as the many awaiting hear their fate on tax credits are just discovering, a tissue of lies from a party that considers lying a vital part of the job, without which you’d be, rightfully, unelectable. I have no idea what a ‘servative ‘ is, but I know what a ‘Con’ is, and that’s what people should be focusing on.













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