When will they ever learn?

18_november_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,259

Wednesday 18 November 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I know that Russia isn’t your flavour of the month just now but I’m afraid I must mention Russia and add it to the list of countries you said were bombing Syria – ‘the US, France, Jordan and the Gulf countries and (yes) Russia. Don’t you think that’s enough countries bombing Syria into the stone age? Are you really still gung ho to get in there as well?

Do tell me, since 9/11, which prompted Bush and Blair’s little war on terror and bringing democracy to the Middle East, how would you say it’s going in terms of resolving one single damned thing? What has all this bloody war achieved?

The tragedy in France hasn’t come out of nowhere, it’s come out of a radicalised Middle East, countless civilian deaths that are barely worth a mention in the news any more, we’ve moved on from collateral damage, Saddam Hussein long dead, but we’re still going at it like mad dogs. If Britain was under such heinous military attack as the Middle East is right now, you and the entire media would be pumping us up with patriotism and radicalising a nation to take the fight to the enemy. Radicalised people would be hero’s, just as long as they’re our people.

If you get what you want, to bomb Syria, how many more refugees will there be? How many more radicalised people who hate the West. How many more children will die, including the half million who died from sanctions (imposed most enthusiastically by Britain and the US)? How many more adult civilian deaths? How much more damage and destruction of a people’s country, a country of some 22.85 million children, women and men; that great vast majority who don’t get a say in any damned thing?

Ordinary people involuntarily get caught up in the aspirations of the powerful and corrupt, as it has always been, cannon fodder, collateral damage, valueless in the games of those who presume to lord it over everyone else. Haven’t we learned anything, haven’t we had enough of all this utter waste of life, over and over and over again, learning nothing on the way?

Since becoming leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn has been brutally attacked for being a peace loving man, you even said, ‘Labour are now a serious risk to our nation’s security, our economy’s security and your family’s security’. You know, medical science has come a long way but it will never find a cure for stupid.



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