Britain gets poorer, Cameron gets a jet (Airfarce 1) and guess who pays?

20_november_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,261

Friday 20 November 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

At a time when millions of people across the UK are suffering and at their wits end I was astonished to read that you’ve ordered a £10 million refit of a Voyager A330 aircraft for you to gad about the world in, not least that any estimated savings won’t even begin for 13 years. The savings, however, are irrelevant and even wildly overstated according to David Hunter, owner of Derby airline charter firm EastWest Aviation, who said of the claim that the cost of £6,700 per flying hour on your travel would be reduced to £2,000, ‘An A330 is not a tiny plane. That rate to me is totally crazy – it’s not going to come down to £2,000 an hour’.

The point, Mr Cameron, is that once again you demonstrate no understanding or care for what the imposition of austerity by you and your government on this nation is costing us as you carry on with your lavish privileged lifestyle at our expense. We are just a week away from Osborne’s autumn statement when we’ll find out just what kind of pigs breakfast he’s made of Tax Credit cuts and how much he is going to crucify the poor to bring down the deficit that he’s made us exclusively responsible for paying off.

Twice recently you’ve had the audacity to complain about the effects of cuts in your county of Oxfordshire, cuts that you are responsible for imposing. If you are suffering from a dissociative personality disorder you should not be in government and if you are not then you definitely should not be in government.

Jeremy Hunt (the nations best know typographical error) has just managed to inflame junior doctors so much that 98% have voted for strike action. I wonder what response you’d get if you decided to personally step up to the negotiating table when you are about to throw £10 million at refitting an aircraft for your personal use at junior doctors and the nations expense?

As you seem incapable of working these things out, allow me to help. It would not go well. The insults you heap upon us are as lavish as your lifestyle and both are entirely unwarranted. Britain deserves better, you do not, whatever your overweening sense of self worth, entitlement and privilege might tell you.

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