Jeremy Hunt, as much use as a blow-up doll with no orifices

21_november_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,262

Saturday 21 November 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

It is impossible to overstate the social impact of the likes of Edward Bernays and the role that Public Relations (PR) (Peace time propaganda) has played in manufacturing consent, manipulating the minds of the common herd, the mob, the consumer, working stock, who are regarded as animals driven by unconscious brutishness, sentiment and ignorance which the ruling intelligent elites must persuade to their intent.

As Robert B Westbrook put it: “The democratic realists of the twenties focused their criticism of democracy on two of its essential beliefs: the belief in the capacity of all men for rational political action and the belief in the practicality and desirability of maximising the participation of all citizens in public life. Finding ordinary men and women irrational and participatory democracy impossible and unwise under modern conditions, they argued that it was best to strictly limit government by the people and to redefine democracy as, by and large, government for the people by enlightened and responsible elites.”

The message for the common herd could not have been clearer, to paraphrase Alfred, Lord Tennyson in ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’, ‘Ours is not to wonder why, ours is but to do… or die’, a message that is alive and well to this day as your government treat us with contempt and ignore us completely, just as Blair did over the war in Iraq. The main stream media is, by and large, fully compliant in this, full of talking heads defining the debate in terms designed to maintain the status quo, leaving no room for intelligent consideration or questioning by those who comprise passive living room news fodder who see and read only what television and newspapers allow them to see and frame the debate for them.

I was talking to a senior clinician today, on visiting my local hospital for a small operation, who put the attack by Jeremy hunt on junior doctors rather well. He said that if your government simply went ahead and privatised the NHS you’d be unelectable for decades to come, if not forever, so Hunt must create a fall guy and deflect the blame elsewhere and where better than on the NHS itself. Hunts intransigence was summed up by ‘a source’ who said, “Number 10 sees this as a miners moment and wants him to look tough, Downing Street and the Treasury are backing Jeremy on this and pressurising him to be deeply muscular, but the top people in NHS England and the medical profession are in despair. They want him to sort it out before it ends up with a strike that nobody wants”

I think ‘the source’ was wrong, you and Hunt would love this to come to a strike, that’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which your propagandists would fall on like manna from heaven. The Mail, the Sun, the Express and the Telegraph and everyone to the right of Genghis Khan would be wetting themselves with delight as they rewrote junior doctors as the scourge of Britain and the ‘enemy within’, as Thatcher called the miners. But Hunt, unlike that part of the female anatomy after which he is widely and contemptuously named, is not deeply muscular, he, like the rest of you, is merely a filthy propagandist and as much use as a blow-up doll with no orifices.

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