10,000 troops on the streets and I was worried about a police state, silly me

27_november_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,268

Friday 27 November 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

You claim that air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria would be in the UK’s “national interest”. As Mark McGowan, the artist taxi driver, said in a recent video, the worlds two greatest super powers, the USA and Russia, are bombing Syria, do we really need you to join in? Nothing is clear about the situation in Syria, the world and her uncle has an opinion, but no one even knows, not even you, what the name of the threat is apart from some dumb acronym. Is it ISIS, ISIL, IS, the Islamic State? What bloody state is that?

What is absolutely certain and beyond question is that the situation is becoming increasingly unstable, not helped by the damned media and talking heads engaging in endless and pointless speculation. Speculation is not news. Johnny falling off his bike is news, bringing in a social affairs correspondent, a psychologist and his mother to discuss why Johnny fell off his bike and what familial or societal factors might have been involved or was this a subconscious call for help is mind numbing nonsense.

Terrorism is the gift that keeps on giving. National leaders get to do a whole lot of barrel thumping and play acting as gung ho statesmen. You get to bring in ever more oppressive surveillance. You’ve even announced that 10,000 troops are going to take to the streets of Britain in the fight against Islamic State extremists.

Regarding this deployment of troops you had the audacity to say, “It’s being there at the disposal of the police , perhaps to provide a security cordon or particular amounts of safety. In the past we had rather an artificial divide between these two functions and I think it’s time to get rid of it.” The divide between domestic police and our military defence forces is not artificial, it’s a crucial divide, and you removing it creates an internal militarised state. There is nothing artificial about it at all and once again you’re talking cross eyed badger spit (thank you Douglas Adams… yet again).

You are planning a ‘£178 billion investment in defence equipment and support over the next decade’, how about nationalising the arms industry and not filling the pockets of the obscenely wealthy whilst robbing us blind so that you can play with the big boys at the top table? Bush got his bloody war on terror and it’s been escalating ever since. None of what is happening existed before Bush announced the worlds new manufactured war on terror and planted ‘terrorist’ in the minds of the world in a deluge of bullshit propaganda. It’s beyond obscene! War, what is it good for? Profits and lunatics! Nothing else.





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