Humans are innately good, if we become monstrous it’s because it is learned behaviour

05_december_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,276

Saturday 05 December 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I hold that humankind are by nature good. We are made enemies of each other and nature itself through perverse nurture; that is, we are trained in competitiveness and in selfishness but we are better than this.

The predominance of selfishness in our time is what suits capitalism and the ‘free’ markets in the desire for increasing profits, but profit comes at a price and that price is the subjugation of our innate goodness.

No sane parents desire to raise children to be selfish or greedy and if they do they are themselves monsters whose nature has been perverted. We are better than that even if that exists as a potential because goodness has become occluded. If we raise monsters it is only that we have been brutalised into being monsters ourselves, but that is neither inevitable nor written in stone for all our lives. We are not stone any more than we are dumb machines, which exist only to repeat dumb tasks thus freeing us from laborious work to enjoy our humanity and our creativity. The dumbest machine was created by a creative mind. It is a tragedy then if we subject ourselves to emulating dumb machines to eke out a living for mean wages to profit the markets and find ourselves drowning in tedium and pointless routine.

At the very least we should protest against such enslavement even if, at this time, we have no better answer than to protest, protest we must. If we discover that we are in chains the least we can do is never accept them as our permanent lot but in every moment of our lives seek to free ourselves of them against the day that we finally cast them aside and preferably cast them into a furnace to be fashioned into something useful, never again to enslave another being because that is, and always has been, an abomination no matter how widely accepted even in law.

You can call those of us who oppose your war ‘terrorist sympathisers’, those who opposed slavery and demanded equal rights for all, including the vote, were treated no differently by governments and those whose interests were served by injustice. Nothing has changed in the hearts and minds of self serving monsters and the path of progress is littered with the bodies of those who demand it. Liberty is not an object, it is a daily struggle and must be fiercely protected at all times against those who oppose it and none oppose it more than those with a financial incentive to do so. Goodness can be perverted but never eradicated and the same is entirely true for justice. Sadly, Mr Cameron, you are on the wrong side of history, essential human nature and, indeed, evolution.

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