Cameron’s Christian country

25_december_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,296

Friday 25 December 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In your Christmas message (Santa help us) you said: “That (being a Christian Country) is what we mark today as we celebrate the birth of God’s only son, Jesus Christ – the Prince of Peace. As a Christian country, we must remember what his birth represents: peace, mercy, goodwill and, above all, hope. I believe that we should also reflect on the fact that it is because of these important religious roots and Christian values that Britain has been such a successful home to people of all faiths and none.”

We live in a predatory world of corporate greed in which values like peace, mercy, goodwill and, above all, hope don’t exist in the circles you, yourself, inhabit and whose values you hold as sacred at the immeasurable cost to the lives of ordinary people.

The values of peace, mercy, goodwill and, above all, hope, belong to those who act on them not those who employ them for self serving reasons.

The birth of Jesus didn’t ‘represent’ any such things, that’s just pure spin.

I’ve read the bible several times and it’s a very confusing book full of bloodshed, vengeance and self glorification, not least from god, until, for some strange reason, he decided to be born on Earth. It seems he’d decided to walk the walk and pursue another route. He had decided that human kind couldn’t sort themselves out under their own steam and that the responsibility for that was his and his alone.

He’d decided that human kind needed saving and it isn’t hard to see why. In my deeply confused understanding of the bible, god came to Earth to sacrifice himself to save the world. I confess I don’t understand that any more than you do. Jesus was gods son only in a figurative human sense, he’d decided to get born on Earth, but he was crucified because he said ‘I Am’ god and it was precisely people like you who decided to nail him to a cross in a very Roman imperial display of human justice. Justice which is wanting to this very day.

Happy Christmas and may the god of money save you because no other god would give a tuppence and if you represent Christian values I’ll eat my hat, made by my earthly friend Leenie, as it happens. It’s a nice hat, but unappetising in a literal sense. Let’s talk about class warfare and the war on the poor who are daily sacrificed on the altar of greed.

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