The abusive relationship between government and its cash cow

31_december_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,302

Thursday 31 December 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In all my, soon to be, 65 years of existence I have never had cause to seriously question taxation in all its many and varied forms, I regarded it as a public good from which each and every one of us benefits, from our NHS to street sweeping. Taxation is the facilitation of orderliness and the smooth running of the infrastructure and universal services that we mostly and reasonably take for granted much of the time. Until now! Until you and your misbegotten government. So it’s time for a little rethink.

We think of loans and borrowing requiring collateral, capital security against which a debt is covered should we fail in repayments. A property owner can typically secure a loan against that property. A government might secure it’s dealings against publicly owned assets, you know, the ones George is so busily selling off, but that doesn’t happen. Whatever taxes the government holds at any one time isn’t collateral. So what is the collateral against which investments in Trident, HS2 or your plan to shell out £178 billion on strengthening Britain’s military capabilities are based?

It’s the people. You know, the stock, the common herd, the people of this nation you so roundly use and abuse and rob blind and treat with contempt. The collateral security for the bank bailout was us, with poor and vulnerable people being forced to take the greatest hits and  be cut to the bone at the cost of countless lives.

As news breaks of the latest devastation from storm ‘Frank’ and you blither around the country in wellies pointing at things, it is the lives of ordinary people, the cash cow on which you depend for your proposed private jet, that you have sold out in cuts to flood defences. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

Any kind of social contract or social agreement between the people and the state hasn’t just gone, it’s been sneered at, torn apart, spat on and flushed down the toilet. You have lost the right to use us as collateral for anything. We have been faithful and you are utterly faithless, along with banks, corporations and businesses like Sports Direct, who treat us worse than cattle and from whom Iain Duncan Smith thinks it’s perfectly alright to remove the means of survival through the malicious imposition of hundreds of thousands of sanctions.

The people and the state is a two way street whatever the brand of politics of the day, something you seem incapable of understanding, and holding our lives to ransom for profit, slashing social security in its broadest sense, including flood defences, £178 billion to support conflict, arms dealers and manufacturers and £93 billion in corporate hand outs is not it.

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