Cameron’s home owning democracy, the scam of the century more like

15_january_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,316

Friday 15 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

You said on LBC radio in response to a question about whether you worry about your children owning their own homes, “I absolutely worry about it.” Let’s just pretend for a moment that I believe you. If someone who ranks in society at the level of aristocracy, within the top one percent, is seriously worried that his children might not get to own their own home, then the rest of us stand a snow balls chance in hell of getting there. But, of course, you’re talking nonsense as usual, however it remains that for the majority of ordinary people the snow balls chance in hell still applies.

If homes were ‘affordable’ you wouldn’t be opening the nations tax coffers and pouring our money into the banks to subsidise over priced, bloated, housing prices and mortgages.

In Prime Ministers Question time this week you said that you are saying to the 1.3 million housing association tenants that they can buy their own homes. Instead of having to find a £30,000 deposit, under your housing schemes (or scams, as I like to call them) they would only need £10,000. I assume the £20,000 discount is what’s coming out of our taxes. If all 1.3 million took up the opportunity to become a home owner, we tax payers would be shelling out £26 billion straight into the pockets of the banks, and that’s just for housing association tenants.

What with bailing out the banks after they crashed the global economy, giving them £375 billion in Quantitative Easing and now who knows how many tens or hundreds of billions in housing scams, the banks really are rather good at trousering our money and our reward for this incredible transfer of our wealth to the elite criminal class by the elite criminal class is crippling austerity.

The Guardian reported last October that you’ve abolished demands that developers provide a certain amount of affordable housing to rent in new developments and will build housing for sale only, much to the delight of property developers who get to trouser their take immediately rather than investing over time and waiting for the payback on properties for rent.

The Independent reports that a family on the minimum wage (Osborne’s new living wage) in 2020 would only be able to afford to buy a house in two per cent of England’s councils. It seems to me that what this all amounts to is a further abandoning of the poor and with selling off housing association properties and leaving councils with little or no social housing, homelessness is going to go through the non-existent roof.

Your home owning democracy is looking like the scam of the century. What we need is social housing at fair rents, not ‘affordable’ housing at 80% of market prices, but then what we need is not a factor in your transfer of the nations wealth into private hands. It looks like, once again, we’re going to be following the USA in the proliferation of tent cities or maybe you already have plans for that eventuality and will finally have a use for Boris’s water cannons.–Z1w4nr512l

How to waste £445 billion? – The Failure of Quantitative Easing (VIDEO)

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