The nation is being torn apart by malicious liars

19_january_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,320

Tuesday 19 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The Independent reports that it took just 90 minutes for a committee of 18 MP’s to scrap maintenance grants for more than half a million of Britain’s poorest students by a vote of ten to eight. Is this the future of government policy in your war against us, passing legislation without proper scrutiny by what seems little more than a kangaroo court?

Announcing the move George Osborne used typically venal and divisive tactics, “(There is a) basic unfairness in asking taxpayers to fund the grants of people who are likely to earn a lot more than them.” All Osborne can do is maliciously invoke the politics of envy, I am amazed he doesn’t leave a trail of slime behind him when he walks.

Scrapping nursing bursaries is another body blow to the talents and skills of the nations youth with no mention made of the incalculable benefits of investing in their future and the future of the nation.

Your government is doing everything in its power to avoid scrutiny and accountability as we saw with the Housing Bill debate which was rushed through parliament and to which 65 pages of new clauses and amendments were added at the last minute and your plans to block the House of Lords from overturning legislation.

In your 2012 conference speech you said, “While the intellectuals of other parties sneer at people who want to get on in life, we are here to salute you.” You also said, “I went to a great school and I want every child to have a great education. I’m not here to defend privilege, I’m here to spread it.”

Never before in the history of Britain have so many lies been uttered by so few to deceive so many. Every assault mounts against you and the opposition grows daily. You have taken advantage of the good will of the nation yet, like all confidence tricksters, eventually it will all catch up with you. I hope and pray that it is sooner rather than later because this country cannot afford to continue to be torn apart by a bunch of malicious liars.

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