The arrogant presumption of the power of privilege

21_january_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,322

Thursday 21 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I expect much from the party of lies and prejudice, but there’s one thing that tops both of these, and indeed drives them, the presumption and power of privilege.

From cover ups of accusations of paedophilia to ignoring high court rulings on welfare reforms to bypassing parliament through statutory instruments to sneering disdain for the lives and cares of ordinary people to arrogant insults, like Education Minister Nick Boles calling protesting students ‘shroud-wavers’, presumption and the power of privilege rule in your government.

No business in the land would suffer the indignities heaped upon us, your employers, on a daily basis, even for a moment.

Iain Duncan Smith pours mockery on the poor in a grand pretence of moral outrage when questioned on the actions of the DWP and claimants deaths. Priti Patel accused Labour of ‘chuntering away’ and ‘scaremongering about suicides’, yet neither one of them would have the courage to visit Ashton Under lyne on a Thursday afternoon when campaigners meet to support job seekers facing the routine brutality meted out by their local Jobcentre under the orders of the DWP.

250,124 people demanding the release of the information of ‘how many people have died within six weeks of their benefits being stopped’ are still waiting for figures that are clear and not fudged and manipulated to the point of being useless. Smith may well find it ‘disgraceful’ that so many people would want access to that information, but that’s precisely the point, one man of stupendous arrogance exercising the over privileged presumption of his position and power.

That’s the Tory way and begs the question of just who the hell you think you all are, lording it over the misery you inflict in your appalling arrogance and further begs the question of just how we get rid of you as soon as humanly possible for all our sakes and before more precious lives are lost?

Government accused of ‘waging war’ on Parliament by forcing through key law changes without debate

DWP death statistics lack accuracy, logic or consistency

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