Government can make crimes against humanity legal, but never right

22_january_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,323

Friday 22 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The law does not uphold what is right or just, the law merely upholds the law and those who make law. When those who make law are unjust, the laws they pass serve injustice in order to deprive and oppress the people and to serve the self interest of the law makers – those who govern. When those who govern turn against the people and create unjust laws in order to control and oppress, they create tyranny.

The only recourse to justice the people then have is through resistance and direct action to hold those who govern and impose tyranny to account.

Human rights law was not made to create human rights, but to protect them. The right to life is established through birth, not law. The right to speak freely is inherent in the act of speaking, it is merely protected in human rights law.

No one should ever have the power to deprive people of the means of survival, the ability to do so written into law may be legal but it is a crime against humanity and a crime against life. Iain Duncan Smith’s sanctions regime is neither right nor just and nothing he can do or say and enact in parliament can make it so. Sanctions are a crime against humanity and life.

You may be able to abolish the Human Rights Act but you cannot abolish the principles of upholding the sanctity of life and the determination to do so. That is not for you to decide or remove. Any attempt to do so is inherently a crime against life.

During the second world war Germany sought to destroy the aptly named ‘Resistance’ and had Germany won that war Hitler would doubtless have made resistance illegal and whilst Britain would have suffered under the yoke of Hitler’s tyranny, resistance would never have been wiped out whatever his genocidal intentions and actions.

Nothing has changed. Resistance against tyranny is alive and well as it always must be and always will be because it is human nature to resist and defy tyranny. Iain Duncan Smith may not want us to know how many people have died under his inhuman ‘welfare reforms’ and he can be as affronted as he likes that we demand an accounting, his affront is insignificant, his actions aren’t. You can attempt to pull the teeth of parliament until it is no more than a dribbling beggar, which, until Jeremy Corbyn surprised everyone by becoming the leader of the opposition, is largely what it had become, but you will never silence the people. Not ever.–ekox_1SdBx

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