Death by policy and government dictat

24_january_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,325

Sunday 24 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In Britain approximately 1,400 people die every day.

Most people die unremarked other than in the intense intimacy of grief of family and friends. Love finds its final expression in grief and loss, the living trial of adjustment to the absence of a treasured presence.

In general, people dying do not make the news, it is the natural end of all life. But as natural as it is, death is also the final affront, it neither asks our permission nor tells us the day on which we’ll lose this limited time we inhabit on Earth.

People die from natural causes, people die from preventable causes, people die from neglect, people die by their own hand and people die from deliberate policy at the hands of others. The more extreme the cause of death, the more likely it is that it will make the news.

In all my 65 years I never thought I would live to see the day that people would be hounded to death by government policy or that this would be reported on an almost daily basis, worse still, that these deaths would be treated with denial and complete indifference by you and your government.

Iain Duncan Smith doesn’t believe anyone is suffering under his brutal regime, let alone dying. He accepts no evidence other than his deluded belief in his own omnipotence and his unholy crusade to end state support for the most vulnerable people in Britain.

I have been writing daily for nearly four years now, with evidence, of the brutality of your government. I have personal experience and evidence of the cold brutality of what was once a national support system for people like me and for poor, sick and physically disabled people, in my personal battle with life long mental illness. I am not one of your ‘hard working people’, my work is of a different order entirely which is, as a matter of survival, extreme. Throughout my working life, I had two jobs, the one that paid me and the one that I paid for in my personal battle to survive minute, by minute, day by day, none of which was news, just life. But a system that was designed to support ordinary people is now the system that is killing us, by design. That is NEWS! If it is not murder, it is manslaughter, even as people tie the rope around their own necks because they can’t go on.

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