The barbarity of Cameron and Duncan Smith, a threat to life and limb

30_january_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,331

Saturday 30 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I don’t know how much tax payers money Iain Duncan Smith will waste to appeal the court decision that found charging the bedroom tax on rooms that disabled children need for storage and somewhere for carers to sleep and for safe rooms for victims of domestic violence and abuse was discriminatory and illegal, but pursuing this travesty of justice is an appalling display of the most heartless brutality.

The two appeal cases were heard together by the appeal court. The Rutherford family have a profoundly disabled son who cannot walk, talk or feed himself and who, without their constant support, would have no hope of survival. If any child fits the criteria that you assured parliament on three occasions in 2013 would be exempt from the bedroom tax, it is Warren Rutherford. These were your three statements. “When it comes to the spare room subsidy, anyone who needs to have a carer sleeping in another bedroom is exempt from it.” “People with severely disabled children are exempt and people who need round-the-clock care are exempt.” “Obviously, what we have done is to exempt disabled people who need an extra room,” said in PMQs.

To the best of my knowledge you have never corrected or apologised for misleading parliament and the nation for making what were utterly false assurances.

The second case was a woman whose identity is protected and is known simply as ‘A’, a victim of vicious assaults and sexual abuse, for whom the police built a safe room, or ‘panic space’, with reinforced doors, electric alarms and alarms linked to the police station. Such an adaptation is nothing frivolous, the police are not going to invest their increasingly limited (due to government cuts) time and resources unless there is a significant real and present risk.

These are the cases that Iain Duncan Smith is appealing, asking the Supreme Court to overturn the Appeal Court decision that the imposition of the bedroom tax was discriminatory and therefore illegal. Are you really going to stand back and do nothing in the face of this travesty of justice and allow an untold amount of public money to be spent in order for Smith to hound and persecute vulnerable people?

I think it is time you woke up and considered your position very carefully. Such contempt for the lives and well being of others is a very serious issue and yet Iain Duncan Smith isn’t even man enough to answer for his own actions either to parliament, where he sat in stony silence as a minion fielded questions, or the press, sneakily evading, as he did, Mirror reporters. I don’t care how powerful you think you are, you are answerable to the people, as is Smith.

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