Money, the Tory ideological means of oppression

31_january_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,332

Sunday 31 January 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

You are driving people into work, it doesn’t pay, but I’ll let that one slide for now, the big question is – what for? You want businesses to flourish and be more profitable – again, what for? A business makes a profit, big deal, what did it make, what of value did it add to the real world, how did it treat the workers who made the profit?

I am sure that Google is having a right old chuckle at paying £135 million in back taxes from 2005 – 2011 when analysis by the Independent finds that Google still owes £800 million, which, of course, we’ll never see under Osborne’s long term economically illiterate plan. Deprived of the real world value of those taxes owed to the nation, what are Google going to do with the all the money they’ve walked away with and what real world benefit will that money be used for other than lining the pockets of people with far too much money in the first place?

I’ve never understood the idea of riches for riches sake. Beyond a decent standard of living which includes enough slack to save, maybe start a business, allow for contingencies, help others, what is wealth for? I guess there are different mind sets, mine is about how I live and how I direct my time, mind and energy in what I consider to be meaningful ways. The best I can say of money under your government is that it’s a pernicious evil, used as an ideological means of oppression.

Your government has overseen a crisis in inequality with the richest growing ever richer and the poorest growing ever poorer. Austerity is the exclusive domain of the poor, it’s the poor who must pay down the deficit, work till they drop for less pay and worse working conditions, who must be sanctioned to incentivise them, who must stop malingering and languishing in the luxury of disability and start doing some kind of work to make themselves better, according to Iain Duncan Smith.

The Sunday Times Rich List, as Alex Proud wrote in the Telegraph, “feels like a uncritical celebration of how bloody brilliant it is to have tons of money.” He continued, “These days, every day is Rich List day. Every day is a uncritical celebration of wealth. In modern Britain being rich is everything. It’s the only thing. And, it’s becoming almost impossible to opt out of this ghastly money go-round.”

Britain under the Tories is a vast celebration of quantity over quality and the devil take the poorest. It’s a vapid celebration of the lowest common denominator – wealth – against which all are judged and those with the least are despised as worthless and useless, makers of their own misery and poverty. All the benefits must go to the rich for the perverse virtue of being rich and the poor must be squeezed dry for the sin of being poor. And all this utter nonsense must be true because a bunch of rich pricks in parliament tell us so endlessly and nauseatingly, who also get their jollies persecuting the poor.

UK Chancellor: I must cut tax benefits for working poor to help them

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