Endless Tory lies, treachery and betrayal!

12_february_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,340

Friday 12 February 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Having said during PMQs in October last year that you are proud of your Infant Free School Meals provision and you would be keeping it, 3,000 of the smallest infant schools (many in rural areas) are about to have their funding for school meals axed at the end of next month. With rising inequality and poverty in one of the richest countries in the world, the exchequer can afford arms and Trident but it can’t feed infant school children. Tory betrayals never end.

Business Secretary Sajid Javid has admitted he blocked the EU from increasing tariffs on Chinese steel imports at the same rate as the USA which has meant the EU increased the rate by 9% whilst the USA increased tariffs by 66%. Yet another Tory betrayal of Britain’s steel industry and workers.

In a letter to Frank Field MP, Iain Duncan Smith has again reiterated that there is no causal link between Work Capability Assessments and suicide, self harm and mental health conditions, stating that the DWP does not collect data on or record the reasons for the deaths of benefit claimants. Thousands of benefit claimants have now died with new reports coming out on an almost daily basis and yet Smith doesn’t think that the data is worth the expense of collecting or analysing. More Tory betrayal.

At the time of writing, Jeremy Hunt has this day decided on the nuclear option and imposed his punitive contract on junior doctors against the will, not just of just about every (if not every) junior doctor in the country, but 66% of the British public who support them. Hunt has steadfastly stuck to his lies, treachery and misinformation to impose his will against the best interests of doctors and patients and the NHS in general.

Hunt will stop at nothing in his personal crusade to destroy a publicly owned and run NHS, bringing it to its knees with one aim in mind, complete privatisation and insurance based payment schemes imposed on the people of Britain. The people of Britain love our NHS and the staff who run it with incredible dedication and care. The outcry since Hunts decision was announced has been astonishing and it is very clear that what the people of Britain are really fed up with is Britain’s most infamous typographical error, Jeremy Hunt, and his endless betrayals of a universal, publicly owned, NHS.

‘Tory’ is a watchword for betrayal and what is absolutely certain is that we cannot afford you and the lies, treachery and betrayal you and your party stand for!


Tories quietly end free school meals fund worth £32 million





Why imposing a new contract on junior doctors will be a hugely risky gamble for Jeremy Hunt



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