Bailiffs throw 269 people a day out of their homes

13_february_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,341

Saturday 13 February 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Last year in England and Wales there were 42,728 landlord repossessions by bailiffs, that’s 117 families or individuals being forced out of their homes every day, reportedly equating to a daily total of 269 people losing a roof over their heads. That is the highest number since records began and an increase of 53 per cent over five long soulless years.

The Mirror also reports that increasing numbers of low paid workers are homeless, ‘born out of low wages, insecure work and the broken housing market’.

Shelter chief executive Campbell Rob says, “Worryingly, we know there are thousands more living in constant fear that just one thing, like a cut in work hours, could leave them homeless.”

What that all means is a failure in any coherent housing policy, a failure in unrestrained market rents that George Osborne is so enamoured of, the abject failure of making work pay and a failure for the economically illiterate Osborne and his long term economic plan which is built on human misery and suffering.

The Morning Star reports that, ‘Sixteen out of 20 boroughs with the highest proportion of landlord repossessions are in London – the area hardest hit by the housing crisis and the sell-off of truly affordable homes under the right to buy’.

If you ever bothered to look down it you’d notice that all this is going on right under your nose. But what does all this matter to a self satisfied, self serving, cabinet of the privileged who understand nothing about the lives of ordinary people and who couldn’t care less for the millions suffering under your heinous policies?

You boasted after the general election you’d lead a “ministry of all the talents”, I’ve yet to see any talent at all apart from destructive, punitive and deceitful.,000-in-a-year#.Vr4jsebMvc4$sitewide%20p$6

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