Glory be to Iain Duncan Smith and the end of the sickness delusion

28_february_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,356

Sunday 28 February 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I entirely understand that the DWP no longer recognises sickness or disability in any form and that supporting people who are living with sickness or disability just encourages them in their delusion and promotes a dependent mentality in which they fall into what Priti Patel calls the ‘benefits trap’. It makes sense then, or so the twisted logic goes, to cut benefits that support sickness and disability and, allegedly, use that money to offer extra support into work.

In the real world sickness and disability actually do exist, in fact some are so serious that scientists have developed vaccines to combat the more serious and deadly diseases. I have to wonder why scientists went to such lengths to combat what they, in their deluded world, thought were life threatening diseases. Perhaps they should have spoken to Iain Duncan Smith, Lord David Freud, Priti Patel and, of course Unum, who would all have reassured them that illness and disability are merely malingering and that ‘Work actually helps free people’ as Smith so eloquently put it. Work cures all ailments, who knew?

Yet even the DWP recognises that some people cannot work right now but might be able to work in the future. Quite why the DWP thinks they cannot work right now is one of life’s great mysteries until one realises that in placing coercive programming practitioners in GP surgeries people can be reconditioned out of their delusional world of sickness and disability. Quite why GPs have never worked this out for themselves and continue to treat patients for imaginary illnesses and disabilities is another great mystery.

The sickness delusion is big business and, of course, it’s not cheap as anyone diagnosed with cancer will tell you. There is all that added expense of regular hospital visits and the extra care required for treatments that can be incredibly debilitating. Quite why hospitals insist on such treatments for what is a delusion must be added to the ever growing list of profound mysteries.

It seems a little harsh, however, that until people are cured of their sickness and disability delusions, a little extra help isn’t forth coming, after all until Unum and the DWP made their astonishing breakthrough discovery of the sickness delusion we’d all been caught in the web of sciences deceit. Before the DWP cures us of the benefits trap, perhaps, as a logical sequence, they should first find a cure for the science trap. The benefits would be profound, imagine a currently disabled person with no legs, cured of their delusion and miraculously growing a new pair of legs.

Wishful thinking is the new science, glory be to Iain Duncan Smith and the holy church of the DWP.

Found: The book that helps the government smear the sick as ‘malingerers’

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