Nothing to see here, It’s only a war on the poor

07_march_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,364

Monday 07 March 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

How is it, I wonder, that all the wealth of the nation, the media and government and business and financial markets, extremes of wealth, can just roll on as usual but we cannot reduce poverty and help the poor and, worse, attack them for being poor?

The great propaganda machine of government, fed by tax payers, lumbers on like a giant steamroller attacking poor and vulnerable people at what heinous financial cost I can only guess. I am surprised you haven’t accused the poor of being a threat to national security.

You do virtually nothing about tax havens yet bleed the poor dry.

The banks mustn’t fail and the poor must pay, and yet are punished for such outstanding generosity and even driven into the grave.

There’s money for everything except poverty. Billionaire media rips apart the souls of poor people in outrageous poverty porn.

You’d think that society would be falling apart because the poor are draining the life and wealth of the nation, but, of course, nothing of the sort is going on.

Bankers get their bonuses of millions of pounds, MPs get their pay rises, Iain Duncan Smith has a bottomless pit of money for hounding the poor. I wonder how much he has splashed out challenging court decisions that find for poor and vulnerable people?

Trident is going ahead, we can lash out billions on war, give tax breaks to corporations and the extremely wealthy, Osborne can flog off national assets at knock down prices to his business buddies and you parcel out privatisation contracts to profiteers whilst bleeding our NHS and staff dry to enrich the greedy, parasitic, few.

The Mirror reported in February 2015 that 20 million people in Britain were living in poverty, nearly a third of the population. Poverty has doubled since 1983 and it’s still on the rise. That’s social exclusion on a scale so vast it’s mind blowing. It’s open season on the poor, a war hidden in plain sight, a daily onslaught of victimisation and terror in the worlds 5th wealthiest nation. It’s endemic and it’s deliberate. At the macro level its business as usual, at a personal level it is a national disaster and tragedy of epic proportions driven and sustained by you and your government and Tory MPs even openly jeer at and mock the misery of the poor.

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