Tory dinosaurs are long past their extinction date

10_march_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,367

Thursday 10 March 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

In your campaign speech, ‘Making work pay’ you said, “Since we came to power we’ve got more people working than in our history.” Two things. Firstly, it’s an interesting term, ‘came to power’, I have a feeling that had I used such a term in front of any of my employers, I suspect they’d have, at the very least, raised an eyebrow. I was, like you, a public employee and as such I was a public servant. The people I worked with tended to be plain (blunt) spoken folks and I am not sure I would ever have lived down saying anything as daft or as arrogant as that.

Secondly, it may be true that you’ve ‘got more people working than in our history’, although the way your party ‘massages’ statistics leaves plenty of room for doubt, the big question is, for what?

This poor beleaguered country suffers, not the least, from it’s subservience to and oppression from it’s historic hereditary aristocracy. To name but one example. The Irish potato famine wasn’t a famine at all, it was a mass starvation (genocide) in a land overflowing (literally) with abundance. One report reveals that ’67 out of 130 regiments of Britain’s Empire army were in Ireland’ to ensure ’40-70 shiploads a day were removed at gunpoint assisted by British constables, militia and troops. They seized tens of millions head of livestock, tens of millions of tons flour, grains and poultry’. Prime agricultural land in Ireland was owned by English landlords and the aristocracy and they were having no truck with starving Irish peasants. Up to 6 million people died at the hands of those who were not at all inconvenienced by a bit of genocide in their rapacious greed for profit.

The destruction of Britain’s dirty empire secrets in the colonies in the closing days of British (mis)rule does not do much for the credibility of Liam Fox in his Brexit aspirations in saying, “the United Kingdom is one of the few countries in the European Union that does not need to bury its 20th century history.” But there you have it, it’s all down to which histories you read or which you choose to ignore, expunge or bury in archives.

Nothing has changed, the attitude of those who lord it over us is alive and well and as dark and oppressive as ever. It seems not to bother you for a moment to give no more than a 1% pay rise to Britain’s public sector workers, including nurses and teachers, whilst pocketing a hefty 11.3% pay rise yourself as your privileged right and due.

The dinosaur of empire has risen again to attack the very people who were the fuel of empire, used extravagantly, ordinary people. You are a long way past your extinction date because you are unable to change or adapt, we are not your chattel and you are not our masters.

Irish Potato Famine – Ireland’s holocaust

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