A few skims from the edge of the cesspool of government

11_march_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,368

Friday 11 March 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I had to seriously think about what to write today because the news reveals a relentless sordid mess of shambolic chaos. No other government or prime minister in history has ever been responsible for a UK that’s FUBAR, not even Thatcher.

Even President Obama has spoken out against you, according to the Mirror, criticising your handling of Libya and that you allowed the situation to sink into a ‘mess’ and that he now ‘privately refers to the country as a “sh** show,” because it has become a haven for ISIS’.

UK economists have hit out in uncharacteristically strong language at George Osborne’s economic miracle (in his own eyes) calling it ‘class warfare’. They describe Osborne’s ‘post-2015 spending cuts as an ethically bankrupt assault on the public interest that serves the agenda of the one percent’. Jo Michell, lecturer in economics at Bristol Business School, talks about Osborne’s latest cuts: “The story about deficit reduction is a smokescreen to cover what is an ideologically motivated attack on the weakest in society.”

Their robust language is very welcome and I am very glad they have at last caught up with what ordinary people at the sharp end have been saying for years.

Junior doctors went on strike for the third time in three months on Wednesday, for 48 hours, with overwhelming public support against the machinations of Jeremy Hunt. A recent video reveals that there is no financial data available for Hunt’s so called 7 day NHS, costing’s are just in the general mish mash of everything meaning the current chaos has emerged from the fetid air circulating in what Hunt might laughingly call his mind.

The good news is that Gill Thompson has raised, via Crowd Justice, the initial £10,000 to cover legal costs in her action to secure an Inquest/investigation into the death of her brother, David, who was found dead, lying next to a pile of CV’s, two weeks after he was sanctioned by the DWP. In Gill’s words, “David had Type 1 Diabetes and the Coroner’s report stated that he died from fatal diabetic ketoacidosis and that there was no food in his stomach. The DWP were aware of his condition, yet sanctioned him for a month. David then had no money for electricity so was unable to chill his insulin or buy food.”

And that is merely skimming the edge of the cesspool of a government that is an affliction on the life of this country and the lives of it’s people. Shame on every single one of you!






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