Mad dog politicians, the mad dog Sun and junior doctors

29_march_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,386

Tuesday 29 March 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The problem with politics today is that we are being attacked by mad dogs and no one is quite sure what to do about it.

There is no political debate and there is no democracy, we are assaulted by a bunch of crazed mad dog politicians who by any definition of sanity aren’t.

You present a problem for the people of Britain that defies reason and rationality itself. It leaves me groping for words I do not have, or at least, I have plenty of words, but forming them in a way that deals with what is insane is a nigh on impossible task.

Jeremy Hunt blames junior doctors for being intractable and unreasonable, to say the least. The Sun, meaning Rupert Murdoch, viciously attacked junior doctors, accusing them of ‘launching an all out war on the Government using patients as cannon fodder’. Junior doctors, along with all their highly trained colleagues, are women and men to whom we, and indeed they themselves, surrender and entrust our lives at the point when we are in the greatest need of medical help which we cannot, and are powerless to, undertake for ourselves for our well being and survival.

Let’s see, who would I rather trust, Jeremy Hunt, Rupert Murdoch and his ding bat poodle journalists, or junior doctors? Tough call eh?

The fact is that junior doctors are the cannon fodder who Jeremy Hunt has all but accused of murdering patients at weekends.

The Sun claimed, “Doctors have no right to abandon emergency patients in order to swell their bank balances.” Murdoch indulges in mad dog journalism for vast profits and Hunt is hell bent on destroying our NHS for privatised health care and privately funded insurance schemes. Your government’s Health and Social Care Act legally abolished the NHS for market driven health care in 2012.

Somebody is of course lying through their teeth with malicious intent. Is it you mad dogs of government and the Murdoch press or is it the folks wearing the stethoscopes and who end up dropping with exhaustion at the end of insane shifts?

If we’re looking for liars, cheats, thieves and scoundrels, we need look no further than the Palace of Westminster and London Bridge Street.

Tory mouthpiece The Sun launches another lying attack on junior doctors

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