Economic slavery

The only asset we truly possess is our labour, which has been exploited for centuries to create wealth, everything around us is created from labour, every single human made thing. These things are then sold back to us at a profit. All profit rises upwards, never to be seen again by those who create it and we are paid just enough to keep us going back to sell more of our labour in an endless cycle of exploitation. It is a gigantic pyramid Ponzi scheme of unimaginable proportions.

Cameron’s mantra of hard working people is the goad to get us to keep giving the only thing that we have that they have any use for and the only thing they want from us, our labour. He has to keep repeating it as our duty to blind us to the reality, which is staring us in the face, of being exploited so that the few can become obscenely wealthy.

They, the few, own the Earth and its resources and we farm it for them, we are allowed just enough to stay alive and buy a few trinkets, maybe even a house through a life time of debt. But the entire pyramid is a robbery.

Osborne’s budget is relying on people to go into increasing debt. Wages are nowhere near keeping up with the cost of living. Low wages drive people into debt so that even more of people’s wages are stolen from them to pay back loans and interest.

Debt is profit rising upwards. Cameron’s home owning democracy is debt slavery. The very last thing that Osborne wants is for us or the nation to live within our means, that is a lie. His long term economic plan is to keep robbing us. That’s what permanent austerity is, a robbery.

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