Cameron does self righteous anger against those nasty press people

05_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,393

Tuesday 05 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Oh dear, talk about taking your eye off the ball, did you really lose your rag with the press in the ‘luxury library of the British ambassador’s residence in Washington’? A more unfortunate choice it is hard to imagine as hundreds of libraries the length and breadth of Britain fall foul of your brutal cuts.

Did you swallow a dictionary? In your tirade against journalists you said, ‘You all go around setting each others’ hair on fire and getting very excited about this but it’s all a lot of processology’.

I confess I had to look up Processology although I could probably have had a fair stab at it. Here’s one of the more elaborate explanations –  “Processology: as defined and practiced by the professional processologist proposes to study and gradually interconnect our understanding of ongoing causes, effects (and resulting causes) taking place within all the multitudinous and simultaneous processes in the universe.” I confess that gets me no further forward in understanding what you were on about regarding flaming quiffs and top knots.

It’s no good having a go at journalists anyway, you have no one to blame but yourself, you and George are a pair of snollygosters (I only learnt that yesterday), over privileged and educated in nothing related to the real world, sanctimonious, self serving, arrogant and fronting the worst government in UK history.

When death stalks our social security system, you should be angry, but you’re not, you don’t even care, your anger is self centred, self focused and meaningless. When 100,000 children go hungry because their parents have had their lifeline support stopped, you should be angry, but you’re not because you are responsible. When disabled people took over the Central Lobby of parliament with banners saying ‘No more deaths from benefit cuts’, that was the time for anger for what your government has done to the lives of disabled people, but you’re not interested.

People are fighting for their lives but your boat is sinking so of course you’re angry. All your chickens are coming home to roost and not before time. The people you so brutally attack have had enough and your departure is long overdue and if you’re feeling the pressure right now, that can only be good. We were not responsible for causing the financial crisis, yet you have blamed the welfare bill and us and made us responsible for paying down the debt, it is we who are rightfully outraged and angry.

Angry David Cameron loses his rag as he attacks news reporters in rant | Mirror Online

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