What have you ever done for us Mr Cameron?

06_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,394

Wednesday 06 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

There is only one thing that is puzzling about the Panama Papers, because the papers themselves really only add wallpaper to a very familiar elephant that has lurked in plain sight for millennia. The rich don’t want to contribute to the world that sustains them. Is anyone really surprised? No, what is puzzling is the leak itself and really begs only one question: what have the rich ever done for us?

Your fathers tax haven dealings were already known prior to this latest leak, I have a Guardian article from 2012 in front of me. Osborne’s family business has not paid corporation tax for seven years. He also struck a derisory tax deal with Swiss banks for a mere £384 million gesture of good will whilst maintaining Swiss secrecy surrounding these accounts and spent £43,064 of public funds to protect bankers bonuses. So the big question today is, what have you ever done for us?

Our young go off to fight your wars, some paid even less than the minimum wage and today there are thousands of homeless ex-service personnel on our streets. What have you ever done for them?

Disabled people have had their Independent Living Fund stopped, care provision slashed, mobility stolen, benefits cut and found fit for work when dying. What have you ever done for them?

Our elderly, many who served in the last war, are having services and care cut to the bone and you are attacking pensions which people have spent their lifetimes working towards. What have you ever done for them?

Young people are facing lousy, ever more insecure jobs for miserly pay, benefits cuts and no help with housing, sanctions, huge university debts and treated like dirt. What have you ever done for them.

MPs have had an 11.3% pay rise, a gold plated £50,000 pension bonus, lavish expenses, subsidised meals, you insult us, demean us and punish us at the cost of thousands of lives. So really, Mr Cameron:

What have you ever done for us?









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