When the going gets tough, the government runs away

08_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,396

Friday 08 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

I notice that you were touting yourself as a champion of tax transparency (again) at a student EU rally in Exeter yesterday. Listening to you, you sounded like the messianic chief of the global war on tax evasion, although you did manage to prevent the press from asking you a single question.

The things you force your mouth to do I am surprised it doesn’t go on strike.

I also note that you hid with your pro-EU battle bus in a gated compound preventing the press from any access during a photo op, so not a day for any awkward tax questions from them then.

The treasury sent a note regarding an EU commission on countermeasures against tax havens to MEPs which said, “the commission might coordinate member state blacklists and a range of countermeasures. The UK is strongly opposed to this”. You are currently, and hopefully very temporarily, the head of the UK government, are you not? Opaque is clearly the new transparency.

Out of interest, where is the rest of your government? Have they all run off to hide in caves? There are great matters afoot, not least our steel industry which is currently in Tata-ers (you’ll have to excuse that). Sajid Javid did pop up long enough to let us know that ‘TATA Steel will begin the formal process to sell its UK plants by Monday’. Good for him. Ground breaking stuff there.

Absolutely no news on forced academisation from your government but good news that teachers are joining forces with junior doctors, a united front as opposed to a steaming government train wreck.

Did you know that junior doctors have just held a 48 hour strike? I thought I’d better keep you up to date on the real news as Jeremy Hunt seems to have gone into a cave and blocked the entrance. Yesterday LBC spotted Hunt on his bicycle, presumable on his way to his cave, and asked him why ‘He Won’t Talk To Jr Doctors?’ Wow, that guy can peddle fast when he wants to. Seriously impressive stuff. Maybe he’s just on a strict keep fit regime as a visit to A&E at this time might be a bit awkward.

Might I suggest changing your party colour to yellow now that the Lib Dems seem not to need it any more, it is the traditional colour of cowards and therefore entirely appropriate for your utterly dismal, useless, pointless and spineless government.






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