Cameron must go. #ResignDavidCameron

10_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,398

Sunday 10 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

The Tory mind set is remarkable and one I shall never understand. The post-war consensus was a revolutionary movement which gave rise to the NHS and the welfare state. Those who oppose it dismiss it as socialism, wrapping it up in an ideology they can attack by deceit and ignore the real issue which was social justice. Nothing has changed, I see people railing against Jeremy Corbyn as a hard left socialist, with sneering disdain, a convenient cover for them, when what Corbyn is about is social justice.

Tony Blair said that Corbyn supporters were living in a “parallel reality” and just in case we were unclear what that meant he called on party members to reject his “Alice in Wonderland” politics. The curious thing is that Blair was right with his “parallel reality”, just not in the sneering and mocking way he meant it. Blair, child of Thatcher that he is, and you Tories don’t give a damn about social justice, the very idea is repugnant and offensive to you and that is a parallel reality to the one in which I live.

The Panama papers, called by one observer, ‘the icing on the cake’, have exposed a system built by the wealthy and privileged, for the wealthy and privileged, and you’ve been pursuing that agenda since 2010 to the exclusion of all else. What has nailed you now is your own towering hypocrisy. We are not now, nor ever were, all in this together. The problem has been that most people are so inured to a system that is rigged and stacked against them, they have been hobbled by their own disbelief and I put it to you that you have depended on that from the very start of your crusade to dismantle Britain.

You have bleated that your father has been “unfairly written about” over the tax furore that has arisen around your own tax affairs, if your father wasn’t engaged in tax avoidance he wouldn’t have founded Blairmore Investment Inc, in a tax haven which its own prospectus states was to avoid paying UK tax. Where was your sense of fairness when you publicly named and shamed Jimmy Carr? With his usual style Carr hit back using your own hypocrisy against you, “I’m going to keep it classy,” he posted on Twitter. “It would be ‘morally wrong’ and ‘hypocritical’ to comment on another individual’s tax affairs”.

So what is the metaphorical cake that now has an iced topping? It is the devastating harm you have caused and the misery you have brought to millions of people across the UK, including tens of thousands of deaths which you have utterly ignored in pursuit of your ideological austerity agenda, whilst rewarding the rich and asset stripping the nation for private gain.

We the people want justice and that means not only your resignation but an end to Tory misrule and a new consensus with social justice as its beating heart. That will never come from your party, indeed it is anathema to you and that is why you must go.

Fastest Asset Stripping Of The UK Ever As Economic Policies Fail To Deliver

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