When the going gets tough the Tories throw a pity party

14_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,402

Thursday 14 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Pity you poor Tories, trapped in a world of wealth and privilege that’s none of your making (just inherited) and not your fault. As Charles Moore said in the Telegraph, “David Cameron’s fate is to be caught in the wealth trap”. If the best defence of the policies of vindictive punitive attrition being waged against the poorest and most vulnerable people in Britain is a pity party for the wealthy then the jig’s up.

In 2009, Alan Duncan was recorded complaining that ‘MPs were ‘treated like shit’ and ‘forced to live on rations’ in the wake of the MPs expenses scandal’. Now he’s accusing everyone who is not a millionaire of being ‘low achievers, who hate enterprise, hate people who look after their own family and who know absolute nothing about the outside world’, thus demonstrating that he knows absolutely nothing about the world outside of his overbearing and overweening privilege.

Duncan also told critics to “snap out of their synthetic indignation” as they merely “hate anyone who’s even got a hint of wealth in their life”. You launched your 2015 manifesto claiming “we are the party of working people”. This is the kind of synthetic pap that PR and propaganda is made of and what you pay spin doctors for and why you created your aptly named Nudge Unit, shape shifters synthetically manipulating public opinion and actions.

Let’s not forget your accusation that people on benefits have a ‘culture of entitlement’ as the justification of your all out war on the poor. You demand that we fill out Work Capability Assessment forms wanting to know in excruciating detail the painful realities of our lives, Theresa May wants to snoop on our every electronic move, someone was recently refused a Personal Independence Payment for misrepresenting the time she spent on Facebook, yet you tell us your financial arrangements are ‘a private matter’. This level of hypocrisy isn’t a zero sum game, it’s a deadly game with serious consequences.

Alan Duncan insulted over 64 million people in calling them low achievers, does he really expect to get away with that after six years of Tory attacks on our lives? You’ve been relentless in your war against the poor and if you are just now beginning to reap the whirlwind, at least be a man and not whimper that it’s not fair, unless you are actually inciting revolution because it suits your purposes to do so in order to cull yet more lives. Who can know? Who can wade through all the lies, spin and Tory bullshit? Who can understand the Tory mindset and who would even want to? Just for once in your own utterly dismal, morally bankrupt, life, do the right thing and resign.










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