Isn’t it time we had a bit of democracy in parliament?

18_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,406

Monday 18 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

For all George Osborne’s talk about tax evasion, money laundering and corruption – “Strong words of condemnation are not enough, populist outrage doesn’t by itself collect a single extra pound or dollar in tax or put a single criminal in jail”, what chance is there that this will ever be anything more than weasel words as a sop to populism?

As long as we have the unelected City Remembrancer sitting in parliament representing the City of London and having special privileges to view legislation as it is being drafted it is hard to imagine that bankers and legal experts in the square mile are going to sit quietly and allow any legislation that goes against its unelected, undemocratic interests.

Osborne has made it abundantly clear where his loyalties lie and it is not with this country or its people, his only interest is in serving money and those self interested criminals who crashed the world economy. Whilst Iceland has alone jailed 29 bankers, no senior executive of any bank in the US and UK has faced criminal charges. In fact they have been rewarded to a breathtaking degree with Osborne even taking the EU to court in 2014 to protect bankers bonuses. The European Court of Justice dismissed Osborne’s legal challenge, leaving UK tax payers to foot the bill of over £200,000 in legal fees.

I can only wonder which legal companies benefited from the nations largesse and whether they were based in the City of London?

It is extraordinary that parliament has no authority over the City of London and yet this state within a state is given unelected power to interfere in the work of parliament, undermining democracy, imposing and serving its own interests since 1571.

As far as I am aware the Green Party is the only party that wants to end this anachronism and give the City Remembrancer and the City’s lobbying interests a long overdue and well deserved boot.

It won’t happen on your watch, that is for certain, and until the money markets are reigned in and firmly put in their place, whatever Osborne says must be taken with a pinch of salt and treated as not just empty words, but, as is usually the case, as lies and spin having the opposite intent.

Iceland Sentences 29th Banker To Prison, US Bankers Still Collecting Bonuses

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