NHS privatisation is public theft!

19_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,407

Tuesday 19 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Now that Jeremy Hunt seems to be pretending that he didn’t insist on a nuclear option, merely an introduction, over the junior doctors contract who have started legal proceeding against him, his disdain for the truth is as rich as his contempt for democracy and a publicly funded NHS, built and paid for by the people for the people.

Interestingly the Mirror reveals today what a privatised health care system that puts profits before people would look like. I seems that up to 6,000 private care patients a year are having to be treated for ‘botched’ treatment in private hospitals. Around 2,500 of such cases having to be rushed to NHS care for emergency treatment.

The Mirror further reveals that outsourced operations for cataracts in Somerset have been halted where patients were left in severe pain and complications were found to be ten times the expected amount.

A dossier – compiled by the British Medical Association, due to be published this week, apparently highlights the lightning pace of the privatisation of healthcare in the UK.

I can only wonder what the fate of victims of private health care will do if you are allowed to continue this robbery of our NHS? Apart from suffer and die, that is.

It beggars belief that one of the finest health care systems in the world is being privatised by stealth and deception by a government with no mandate to do so. In 2010 you promised no top-down reorganisation of the NHS, I suppose there is a grain of truth in that as what you are doing is tearing it apart.

Let’s be perfectly clear about this, opening our NHS to free market forces is a betrayal and outright theft of the people who bought, built and paid for our NHS in the first place and we who continue to pay in the present. The market is neither free and nor is it a market, it’s more like a pig farm where public services and finances are fed to pigs whose intent is to gorge themselves stupid. Were it any other way we wouldn’t be fed a constant stream of lies by you and your government and I wouldn’t have to constantly force myself to spell Hunt with an ‘H’ against my better judgement.

NHS privatisation is public theft!





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