The back stabbing Jeremy Hunt, a waste of oxygen

28_april_2016A letter a day to number 10. No 1,416

Thursday 28 April 2016.

Dear Mr Cameron,

Every day now I wake up and am surprised when I discover that you Tories are still wasting good oxygen in government. How in gods name you are still there is a mystery to me.

Jeremy Hunt has said of any deaths that take place as a result of the junior doctors strike, ‘The people who are responsible are the people who have chosen to strike’. Right now, as I type, I do not doubt the Telegraph, the Mail and the accursed Sun are trolling the nation to find the least hint of something they can lay at the door of junior doctors.

However, Hunt is responsible for those words, sowing the seeds of discord and fear in the nation and, let’s be very clear, the responsibility is his to prove any causal link between even a single death and the strike action, not forgetting your government has form on causal links as the DWP routinely dismisses benefit related deaths.

If Hunt had any legitimate concerns for public safety then it is a fair question to ask what measures he, as Secretary of State for Health, put in place to ensure public safety? If none, and I have not read of any such thing, then is that not a dereliction of his duty to the public? It is, after all, the governments responsibility to deploy troops and fire fighting equipment in a fire service dispute, as they did in 2002/3.

Hunt seems either incapable of understanding, or he’s too arrogant to care, that nursing is a team effort, you don’t start messing around in someone else’s entrails without the entire team doing their part, and the NHS is nothing if not a hugely diverse team effort, everyone utterly dependent on and trusting others. Hunt has lost the good will of junior doctors, he’s isolated himself and clearly doesn’t trust junior doctors, but that’s the bed he’s made for himself and he’ll damned well have to lie in it, but then lying is second nature to him. I hope you see what I did there.

I am no stranger to team work, it is both a responsibility and a joy, knowing that others have your back as you have theirs. There’s no room for someone sticking a knife in your back and effectively that is what Hunt has done. There is no going back from that and clearly Hunt has no intention of so doing, more fool him. As I wrote yesterday, Hunt is not fulfilling a manifesto pledge, he’s betraying one. He is not fit to hold office and should just go.

To rule out a causal link between benefit assessment and suicide, the DWP must allow independent research – Politics and Insights

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